Author Topic: Young Veterans' Perentie GS and FFR - Melb to Cape York 2015  (Read 1647 times)

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Young Veterans is the name of the YT channel.  :)

In 2015 they took two Perenties and a fully clad Workshop trailer (with an extended drawbar I think) to the tip of Cape York. The trip was videoed on dash cams etc. I think the crew audio was perhaps not so well recorded, so they have simply put on songs from various CDs as the audio. You Tube has already deleted a couple of the 3 to 4 minute videos for copyright rules...

... so I don't know how long the videos will be available there.

There are 32 short videos in the set so far. Certainly are some good sights and visits with different people and hosts as they go along. Some mech servicing in Townsville I think. A few problems as normal, eg, tyres, radiator hoses, belts, batteries.

I enjoyed spotting familiar places, playing "I know that place, its ... its Lithgow" and "Its Tamworth" and "Its Coffs" as you recognise most of the places seen. I even saw a Teddy Bear. I saw a large Armoured collection at Cairns (one rare example was transported to Corowa back in March this year). I think I glimpsed RAAF Scherger, and then some 51 FNQR troopers in front of their RFSVs in a shed near Weipa. And this was in 2015.

Anyway, I enjoyed it all, especially Fraser Is. Better than most of the "proper" TV shows anyway.

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Re: Young Veterans' Perentie GS and FFR - Melb to Cape York 2015
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There are some new videos on there Facebook page as well, they include there "Project Perentie" which is being built to take to the Outback Challenge this year.

I will see if they can add to there you tube channel next time I speak with them.

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