The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc

A number of markings are often found on Army Land Rovers, some official and with meaning, others are more obscure. A range of these are described on this page. if you know the meaning of any markings mentioned here, or have more information about them, please contact REMLR.

Christmas Tree

The "Chistmas Tree" markings are 4 horizontal bars which are shaped to make a pyramid, accompanied by a four digit number, a Kangaroo and the word ARMY. The colouring of the bars in the tree represent numbers, the same numbers which are found with the tree in fact. This number makes up part of a unit's Establishment Registration Number (ERN). This is also called a Unit Recognition Mark (URM). The number is the Unit Serial Number (USN). Originally these bars were all the same length and made a more rectanglar shape like a vertical barcode, but at some point it changed to the triangle, or "Tree" that you see today.

We don't have a large listing of these ERN numbers and corresponding units, but we do know what they are used for. The christmas tree marking is added to identify what unit the equipment belongs to. These are normally used on deployments or exercises. On a Land Rover the marking is found on the wing / fender / mudguard just behind the front wheel. Only the first 4 digits of the ERN is printed on the vehicle. The final digit is not included.

These markings used to be painted on, but recently have been replaced by stickers. However some colours can vary a little depending on the die in the sticker. It is somewhat like the bands on resistors in electronics, each colour represents a number. The ARMY and the Kangaroo are usually in a bright or Flourescent orange called International Orange. The apex triangle is only used for units where the Unit Serial Number is 2000 or higher.

1 Red Signal
2 Blue Azure
3 Yellow Golden
4 Green Grass
5 Grey Light (looks like pale blue sometimes)
6 Buff Light (Fawn/sand colour changes slightly as per die)
7 Orange Light
8 Green Deep Brunswick (almost black at times)
9 White
0 Brown Middle

These are some units for whom we know their Unit Serial Number

1129 = 12 FD REG
5207 = 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (QMI)
5228 = 1 Armoured Regiment ?
5349 = 21 Construction Squadron
5434 =16 AD
6519 = 5 RAR
5974 = 1 Sigs Regiment
6480 = 6 RAR
6490 = 2 RAR
6519 = 5/7 RAR
= 6 RAR
6841 = 26 Transport Squadron
7671 = 11 Fd Ambulance
8040 = 9 CSSB
8049 = 10 FSB
8050 = 3 CSSB
8365 = 101 Field Workshop
9211 = 2 CAV (or is it 5211?)
9224 = 1st Armoured Regement ?
9388 = Army Museum Bandiana

Other unknown ERN Numbers


Vietnam Unit Markings

Along with the Unit Serial Number that you see that was used to deliver items to the correct unit, vehicles salso carried plates, commonly, incorrectly, described as Tac Plates. These Unit and Division plates appear Front and Rear on vehicles and designate the parent unit of the vehicle. Below is a table listing these markings, corps and USN where known. Whilst the list is neither complete or comprehensive, it is a work in progress, so if you can add any information to it please feel free to contact us.

Unit Unit Serial Number
Corps Unit Plate Other Markings
1 Armoured Personnel Carrier Troop   RAAC 107 on Diagonal Red and Yellow
1 Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadron   RAAC 107 on Diagonal Red and Yellow
1 Australian Civil Affairs Unit 1246  
1 Australian Field Hospital 2501 RAAMC White 1/565 on Black Vampire Bat
1 Australian reinforcement Unit 1473  
1 Division Supply and Transport Workshop   RAEME 70 on Horozontal Blue, Yellow & Red
1 Field Squadron 1255 RAE 21 on Blue
1 Field Squadron Workshop 1565 RAEME 21 on Horosontal Blue, Yellow & Red
1 Forward Delivery Troop   RAAC 46 on Diagonal Red and Yellow
1 Ordanance Field Park 1079  
1 Platoon 2 Australian Forces Canteen Unit 1271  
1 Psycological Operations Unit  1247 Intel
1 RAR   RAInf 55 on Red
1 SAS Squadron   SASR
1 Task Force DQ Light Aid Detachment 1815  
1 Topographucal Survey Unit   RAE 25 on Light Blue
101 Field Workshop   RAEME
101 Field Workshop Stores Section   RAAOC
101 Field Battery   RAA
102 Field Battery   RAA
102 Field Workshop 2000 RAEME
102 Field Workshop Stores Section 1902 RAAOC
103 Signals Squadron   RASig
103 Field Battery   RAA
104 Field Battery   RAA
104 Sigs Sqn 1346 RASig 403 on horizontal white and blue
105 Field Battery   RAA 42 on Horozontal Red and Blue
106 Field Battery   RAA
106 Field Workshop 2466 RAEME 88 on Horozontal Blue, Yellow & Red
106 Field Workshop Stores Section 2464 RAAOC 88 on Vertical Red, Blue & Red
107 Field Battery   RAA
110 Signal Squadron 1262 RASig
12 FD REG 1129 RAA 44 on Horozontal Red and Blue
12 Field Regiment Light Aid Detachment 1241  
131 Divisional Locating Battery   RAA
145 signals squadron   RASig
161 Reece Flight 1345 AAAvn 51 on horozontal Sky Blue & Blue Possum?
161 Reece Flight Light Aid Detachment   RAEME 51 on Horozontal Blue, Yellow & Red
17 Constrution Sqn 1058 RAE 108 on Light Blue Bear
17 Constrution Sqn Workshop   RAEME 108 on Horozontal Blue, Yellow & Red
17 Constrution Sqn Workshop Stores Section   RAAOC 108 on Vertical Red, Blue, Red
176 Air Dispatch Company 1559  
198 Works Section 1148 RAE
2 Advanced Ordinance Depot 2373 RAAOC 502 on Vertical Red, Blue, Red
2 Composite Ordinance Depot   RAAOC 502 on Vertical Red, Blue, Red
2 Field Ambulance   RAAMC 75 on Black Vampire Bat
2 RAR   RAInf
2 SAS Sqn 1537 SASR
2 Transport Platoon / Coy   RAASC 33 on Diagonal Blue & Yellow
21 Engineer Support Troop 1386 RAE
25 Supply Platoon 1651 RAASC 25/518 on Diagonal Blue & Yellow
26 Transport Company   RAASC 26/522 on Diagonal Blue and Yellow Camel
3 Field Troop   RAE
3 RAR 1536 RAInf 57 on Red
3 SAS Squadron   SASR
33 Dental Unit 1265 RAAMC
4 RAR 2335  
5 RAR   RAInf 59 on Red
5 Company   RAASC 72 on Diagonal Blue and Yellow
5 Company Workshop 1119 RAEME 72 on Horozontal Blue, Yellow & Red
503 Signal Troop   RASig
506 Signal Troop   RASig
520 Signal Troop   RASig
527 Signal Troop   RASig 321 on White and Blue Horizontal
532 Signal Troop   RASig
547 Signal Troop 1649 RASig
55 Engineer Workshop and Park Squadron 1015 RAE
552 Signal Troop   RASig
557 Signal Troop   RASig
561 Signal Troop   RASig
581 Signal Troop   RASig
6 RAR   RAInf
67 Ground Liaison Section 1095  
7 RAR   RAInf 61 on Red
704 Signal Troop   RASig
709 Signal Troop   RASig Red 410 on horizontal white and blue.
8 Field Ambulance 1513 RAAMC White 76 on Black Vampire Bat
8 Petroleum Platoon 1016  
8 RAR   RAInf 62 on Red
8 Transport Squadron     Emu
85 Transport Platoon   RAASC 85 on Diagonal Blue and Yellow ?
86 Transport Platoon 1104 RAASC 86 on Diagonal Bue and Yellow
87 Transport Platoon   RAASC 519 on Diagonal Blue and Yellow
9 RAR   RAInf
A Section 1 Topographical Survey Troop 1508  
A Squadron 1 Armoured Regiment   RAAC 106 on Diagonal Red and Yellow
A Squadron 1 Armoured Regiment Light Aid Detachment   RAEME 106 on Horozontal Blue, Yellow & Red
A Squadron 3 Cavalry Regiment 1125 RAAC 107 on Diagonal Red and Yellow
A Squadron Section 3 Cavalry Regiment Light Aid Detachment 1231 RAEME 107 on Horozontal Blue, Yellow & Red
Australian Army Training Team Vietnam 2297  
Australian Force Vietnam Amenities Unit 1528  
Australian Force Vietnam Cash Office 2119  
Australian Force Vietnam Provost Unit 2120  
Australian Logistic Support Company   non corps 129 on black
B Squadron 1 Armoured Regiment   RAAC 106 on Diagonal Red and Yellow
B Squadron 1 Armoured Regiment Light Aid Detachment   RAEME 106 on Horozontal Blue, Yellow & Red
B Squadron 3 Cavalry Regiment   RAAC 107 on Diagonal Red and Yellow
B Squadron 3 Cavalry Regiment Light Aid Detachment   RAEME 107 on Horozontal Blue, Yellow & Red
C Squadron Section 1 Armoured Regiment   RAAC 106 on Diagonal Red and Yellow
C Squadron Section 1 Armoured Regiment Light Aid Detachment 2025 RAEME 106 on Horozontal Blue, Yellow & Red
Detachment 1 Topographical Survey Troop A   RASC
Detachment 1 Communications Zone Postal Unit 1991  
Detachment 1 Division Intelligence Unit 1151 Intel
Detachment 1 Field Hygene Company 2517 RAAMC
Detachment 1 Field Medical and Dental Unit   RAAMC
Detachment 1 Field Medical and Dental Equipment Depot 2533 RAAMC
Detachment 11 Movement Control Group 1506 RAE
Detachment 131 Divisional Locating Battery Workshop 1223 RAEME
Detachment 152 Signal Squadron 1954  
Detachment 198 Works Section   RAE
Detachment 30 Terminal Squadron 2320  
Detachment  55 Advanced Engineer Stores Squadron   RAE
Detachment  55 Engineer Workshop & Park Squadron   RAE
Field Operational Research Station 2656  
HQ 1 Australian Logistic Support Group 1093  
HQ 1 Australian Task Force 1081  
HQ 1 Company   RAASC
HQ 110 Signals Squadron   RASig
HQ 145 Signal Squadron   RASig
HQ 2 Australian Forces Canteen Unit 2529  
HQ 26 Company   RAASC
HQ 5 Company RAASC 1647  
HQ Australian Force Vietnam 1075  
HQ Australian Force Vietnam (Army Component)   non corps 401 on black
HQ Australian Army Force Vietnam   non corps 401 on black
Section 1 Topographical Survey Troop   RASC


Tactical Markings on Doors

On the doors of some vehicles belonging to Infantry, Engineering or Armoured units, a number of shapes are sometimes found. These are tactical markings and relate to which company or squadron the vehicle belongs. Troop, platoon or section numbers are to be painted inside or beside these signs. The letter H is to be used to denote the HQ of the Squadron or Company. In Engineering units the number indicates the vehicle's number. If it is a fraction, the first number is the Troop / Platoon, and the 2nd number is the vehicle's number within that Troop / Platoon.

Diamond - HQ
Triangle - A Squadron / Company
Square - B Squadron / Company
Circle - C Squadron / Company
Rectangle (longest side vertical) - D Squadron / Company

Rectangle (longest side horizontal) - Support Company / Battalion

Vehicle Names

It is not unusual to find other markings and names on vehicles. Things such as "Tasmanian Devil" have been found written along the wing of one vehicle, and Mr Walker with a picture of the phantom on the wing of another. This appears more prelavent on workshop vehicles than others, buit it is not limited to them. One REMLR member found the name 'Coma ~ Toes' II painted across the drivers side air vent. Armoured vehicles with names usually have names beginning with the letter of the squadron. For example, Bandicoot would belong to the B Squadron. And whilst vehicles like land rovers were not normally named, examples of this seem to appear.

Known examples of the above include:

  • Armoured units name their vehicles after their Squadron number, EG Bandicoot for B SQN. Like on armoured vehicles, the names are white capital stenciled letters on a rectangular black background.
  • RAEME LAD or Workshop units attached to Armoured units name their vehicles starting with T. Colouration is the same as armoured units used. Known examples include:
    • Tired (Electrical Workshop, ex ambulance)
    • Toad Hall (unimog)
    • Tasmanian Devil (Workshop Vehicle, 2 Cav?S)
    • Tawdry (Workshop Vehicle, 2 Cav?)
    • Temperamental (Workshop Vehicle)
  • Air Defence units appear to have named their vehicles as well, known examples include
    • Misguided
    • Black Bitch
    • Black Bitch II

Animals and Unofficial logos

A number of logos and insignia have been found painted on vehicles. A Rhino belonging to an unknown unit has been found on a number of units.

A Camel is another example that has been found, and according to it's ex members, it signifys a vehicle attached to 26 Transport Squadron.

A stork with a baby was used by 158 Tank Transporter Troop

Another is of a running emu, and belongs to 8 TPT SQN (SA).

3CER has a paw print (Dingo print)

Other Markings on Doors

One other known set of markings used on Land Rover doors is the logo for the School of Armour at Puckapunyal in Victoria. The School's logo is a mailed fist over a boomerang, sometimes with the words School of Armour written on the boomerang. These are stickers and have been spotted on Perentie 110 FFR's as well as discovered on a Series 3 FFR's.



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