The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc

REMLR's Supporters

This page has been added to acknowledge some of the supporters that do so much to keep REMLR running

Dave Blears Computing
Dave Blears is a long time supporter of REMLR and kindly has some of our shop items in his online store.

Australian Land Rover Owners
The AULRO forums are also long time supporters of REMLR and are a fantastic forum that is the largest Land Rover forum in Australia by far!

Richard Green Photography
Richard Green Photography is a relatively recent supporter who is currently donating the website hosting that REMLR resides on.

The Army Museum Bandiana
Army Museum Bandiana
Over the last few years in particular the staff and volunteers at the museum have bent over backwards to help REMLR with research, information and other assistance. They deserve a big thank you, and their museum is a must visit if you are even remotely close to Aulbury / Wodonga.



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