The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc REMLR Supply Shed The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc

The REMLR shop was established in 2007 to provide enough income to keep REMLR online. In the past REMLR has sold a number of items, but never so many as in the shop today. Any funds raised that are not required to keep REMLR afloat are used for research in own form or another, whether that be paying for photocopying or postage of documents right through to purchasing copies of records.

All item prices do not include postage unless stated. If you are purchasing more than one item please contact REMLR and we will package up your order and let you know what the freight will cost.

You can purchase items one of two ways. Either through the AULRO shop where REMLR has a section, or my making a payment via direct deposit into the REMLR account whose details are below. The account isn't in the name of REMLR because of an issue with fees. this account has no fees at all which is what we need. The REMLR part of the AULRO shop can be found by Clicking This Link

Acc Name: Registry of Ex Military Land Rovers Inc
BSB: 037608
Acc: 553286

Institution: Westpac Bank

If you are making an order where you know the postage, please make your payment and e-mail your order and address to the REMLR shopkeeper. If you don't know what postage will be, or are unsure about anything, please contact the shopkeeper.

Shopkeeper: Richard Green,

The REMLR DVD - $25
Status: In Stock
This DVD is for use on a PC and includes the entire REMLR website, plus some extra websites along with all technical documents in the REMLR archives. This price is inclusive of postage.

Technical Documents CD: Custom - $20
Status: Available on application
IF there is a particular combination of vehicles documents that you need we can accommodate that mix as far as possible, however it is limited to the size of the CD, if you want it all, the REMLR DVD is what you need. This price is inclusive of postage.

REMLR Tac Sticker - $5 each
Status: In Stock.
This REMLR sticker fits on the unit and formation plates as if it were made to fit (which they were). They are UV stabilised and should last at least 10 years without fading. Just clean up your surface, and attach this vinyl sticker. Postage is $2.10 for 1-8 stickers

REMLR Hats - $20
Status: In Stock
Let everybody know where youe alleigance lies and to which group you proudly belong! These hats are basicallya REMLR 'giggle hat' as some know them. Price Includes postage.




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