The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc RG's Land-Rover Series 2 ¾ Ambulance
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Ken has a number of Ex Army vehicles, but this page will focus on one in particular.

Ken's Series 3 is a bit of a mystery. It started off life as a series 3 Fitted For Radio, however at some stage a hard top body was fitted to the vehicle. Until recently the only clue was the partial phrase "The Ant" on the side, with the rest of the word missing.

More recently photos have appeared of the vehicle (shown below the photos of Ken's Land Rover) which show a similar vehicle whilst in army service. It appears that it was some sort of Electronic Warfare, Electronic countermeasure or observation vehicle, which would explain why details about the vehicle are somewhat sparse.

What we do have is some photos from the 72 sigs sqn (EW) website which is the photo below showing the rear of the vehicle in service.

Make Land-Rover (Leyland Australia P/L) Model LWB 109" Series 3
Manuf. date 12/03/ 1981 Production CKD RHD export
Army Census 6006 Colour Olive Drab
ARN 33-833
Body Number 42610 Contract Number  
Chassis LBCAP1AF511916 Engine Number 94131327C


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The front end appears pretty much unmodified.

It could be that a small canvas roof or cab was used to protect the occupants in the front of the vehicle.

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The solid shelter appears to bolt into the body capping.
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The Side of the body showing a number of vents and hatches for cables etc.
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The inside of the shelter.

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This is of a different vehicle, but the fittings appear to match. The phot appears online labeled as ESM Subsystem 2.

The reels appear to be hinged, and there appears to be someting affixed to the roof.

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This photo appears online in the same places as the one on the left, but labeled ESM Subsystem, so presumedly the vehicles had some relationship.


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