The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Land-Rover Series 2A ¼ Ton GS (Military Police)

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Each of John's ex-Army Land-Rovers has it's own photo page:

  1. The Gunbuggy -a ¼ ton 88" Gunbuggy (restored 1999-2000)

  2. The MP unit -a ¼ ton 88" G.S. Military Police (restored 2000-2001)


Number 2: THE MP UNIT

Whilst John spent 2001 looking for a 106mm gun mount and a replica spotting gun for his Gunbuggy, he did not just sit around waiting for the phone to ring. John restored a 1963 Land-Rover Series 2A G.S. - and since he has a strong interest in the MP Corps, he restored it as a MP unit. This restoration needed quite a bit of work and lots of time hunting down parts, but it looks a treat and has been restored using photos from the Vietnam era for reference. (Eg AWM P0869/105/083)


Make Land-Rover (Rover Australia P/L) Model SWB 88" Series 2A
Manuf. date June 1963 Production CKD RHD export
Army Census 6005 Engine Petrol 2286cc
Nomenclature TRUCK, UTILITY, ¼ TON G.S.
Contract number C110181
Chassis 24303462A ARN 112-571
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John's 1963 GS MP kit
John's 1963 ¼ ton G.S. Military Police



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