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  1. Onslow the Series 2 Gunbuggy
  2. Daisy the Series 2a GS 88"
  3. What makes it a Gunbuggy?

Daisy is a recent purchase of Glen's and is in excellent condition. No doubt we will see more of Daisy in coming years.  

Make Land-Rover (Rover Australia P/L) Model SWB 88" Series 2A
Manuf. date March 1964 Production CKD RHD export
Army Census 6005 Engine Petrol 2286cc
Nomenclature TRUCK, UTILITY, ¼ TON G.S.
Contract number 111350
Chassis 24305399B ARN 113-251
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A very tidy engine bay

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Looking great with the roof off.

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A view from the rear

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A very tidy dashboard

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Parade ready!




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