The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc AZ's Land-Rover Series 2A ¾ Ton GS
Welcome to "Amir's Shed", REMLR member 140.

Amir's immaculate Landy is one of the very last "headlights in the grille" model Series 2A Land-Rovers the Australian military purchased. Nowadays it is a long way from home. Amir lives in Los Angeles area!

Amir's Land-Rover is a "G" suffix Series 2A G.S. 109". It was made in Sydney in January 1971 and barely six months later, still nice 'n new, it was ready for a trip to the Vietnam War: it was July 1971...and that trip never went ahead. The Landy was remembered as being hooked up to a mobile generator (or something electric) on a trailer with a set of command tents. The fact that it was a 'set' with the trailer explains why this Landy is one of those 'Fitted w/Winch'.

So what is the story behind this Landy?

  • By July 1971 only HMAS Sydney and HMAS Jeparit remained 'in theatre', busily ferrying the 1ATF and 1ALSG personnel and their assets back home. But then the North Vietnamese invaders had been gradually defeated militarily and forced to negotiate at the Peace Talks - the war was winding down (according to diplomats and their peace treaties).
    Australia decided to reduce involvement to just one Battalion by 1972.
  • By July 1971 the Royal Australian Regiment, 2nd Battalion (2RAR) had been back home a few weeks and the fellows in 3rd Battalion (3RAR) returned a couple of months later in October 1971. 4RAR was the only battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment left in Vietnam by the end of 1971. By April 1972 the SASR, 4RAR, RAASC and RAAMC had all arrived home too.
  • After the battalion's 'tour' of Vietnam was scrapped, this Land-Rover found a home with an Australian Army ex-serviceman (the story becomes pretty vague at this point -it was a near new vehicle after all). He had it in his care for nearly 30 years... and -as the odometer testifies- he hardly ever used it on the road, maybe never at all.
  • In the first months of 2001 the reclusive ex-serviceman passed away and a mechanic/vintage restoration shop operater in the Sydney area brought this particular bit of deceased estate at first sight. The mechanic said that it was amazing. The Landy appeared to have been just frozen in time. Amir does not know how much money it changed hands for but the story goes that by just changing the battery and tyres he got it going down the road.
  • Later in July 2001 the unit (vehicle and trailer load of tents) did get - at long last- an overseas trip. It was shipped by the lucky buyer in a container over to his brother-in-law in Venice California to be sold in a Exotic/Collectable Vehicles Auction. In the U.S. ex-military Series 2A Landys are a rarity; just like Amir who had been looking for a good Landy for a long time.
  • The September 11th maniacs spoilt the Exotics Auction and most other things for a few months too. So, with the Auction results a disappointment, it was time for Plan B; the Landy was advertised on the internet for $----- which is where Amir found out about it. But the "For Sale" notice had the details stuffed up; e.g., it stated it was a 1972 Series 2 and anyway, most people would not even know what the vehicle really was.
  • Amir had been hunting for a special Land-Rover for quite a while. Amir says it is now over 12 years since he first got interested in ex-military Land-Rovers. Opportunities to stop, look and buy a ex-mil Landy came along every now and then, but nothing that "grabbed" him. He even went to look in England but could not settle on a particular Landy to "adopt". Amir is now a very happy hunter - happy to have found a Landy in excellent condition with a interesting history - and he says "I cannot tell you how much love I've got for this baby. Before finding the REMLR website I was asking myself whether this could be the only one in the world in this condition."

I think REMLR enthusiasts will see in these photos all we need to know: it really is as though this Landy has just emerged from some type of time capsule! This Landy is so factory-fresh-original and it has such low mileage -- only 7600 miles on the clock!! Is this the most original Series 2A Landy in the Registry? I think it could be...

Incidentally, Amir has fitted a new hi-flow muffler and added an in-line fuel filter... and one job that needs doing when he can is the leak in the front PTO.

UPDATE: in May 2004 the REMLR secretary found this Landy's chassis number recorded in the B.B.B., the Army's list of registered vehicles (its fleet record)...

It is listed as ARN 178-405. Recall the vaguely electronic use of the trailer? Turns out this Landy and it's trailer was indeed 'a set', bearing the official the nomenclature 'Radar Chronograph Set Truck Mounted, ¾ Ton GS, Electronic Velocity Analyser'. E.V.A.'s were used by the RAA (Artillery Corps) to analyse incoming ordnance and identify the position of enemy guns. This Landy's disposal date is not noted in the B.B.B., neither is there even a 'Authorised for disposal' order reference. Of course it is assumed that the E.V.A. unit was removed and re-allocated by the Army before the vehicle was passed on...

Make Land-Rover (Rover Australia P/L) Model LWB 109" Series 2A
Manuf. date January 1971 Production CKD RHD export
Army Census 6028B Engine 25350567K
Contract number V113697
Chassis 25335056G ARN 178-405


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1971 Series 2A GS With Winch

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Side view

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Very original cabin

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Beaut engine bay

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Nomenclature plates on seat box



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