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This is the original sheds page of the REMLR website, however we are transitioning these pages on the REMLR wiki so that users can update and add pages themselves. To check it out head over to the Wiki REMLR Sheds page.

This is a listing of REMLR members virtual 'Sheds' on sorted by type

The Roseworthy Collection
Command Reconiassance

General Service or G.S

Fitted for Wireless or F.F.W

Fitted for Transmission ( F.F.T) / Fitted for Radio (F.F.R)

Gunbuggy or 106MM RCL

Long Range Patrol Vehicle or L.R.P.V

Fire Tender
Workshop Vehicles
DM's Land-Rover Series 2A Ton Workshop PD's Land-Rover Series 2A Ton Workshop
AC-S's Land-Rover Series 2A Ton Workshop  
Topographical Survey
PH's Land-Rover Series 2A Ton Topographical  
PH's Current Land-Rover Series 3 Ton Lightweight
101 Forward Control



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