The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc REMLR TAC & Military Land-Rover Markings

What is the story behind the colours of the REMLR TAC? Luck. It's pure luck that the red and yellow colours are on the famous Land-Rover levers for high and low range and the flag of South Vietnam where the Series 2A models served.

The red and yellow REMLR TAC sign looks good against the Olive Drab on the front and back of Australian Series 2A vehicles but... some changes have had to come about:

  • In 2001 when we registered the original REMLR TAC from 1998 was adapted to fit the extra dot com bit, resulting in the modified REMLR TAC.
  • A REMLR member has mentioned the lack of a more modern style of the REMLR TAC, done as per the Army's post-1980's practice. This style calls for a matte black "low-vis" version of the REMLR tac. The present TAC design with the map of Australia is too hard to do in "low-vis" style. Hmmm.
  • The TAC is Australia-centric. REMLR has begun registering vehicles and members from more than just Australia and New Zealand. Should the Registry's full title be changed over to "REMLR Australia, New Zealand & Elsewhere" or "REMLR Australasia"? Hmmm.
  • After hearing of some hassles, should the REMLR TAC be simplified to make it easier to either print out yourself or make at home with adhesive letters?

In the end, a decision to provide choice. Now REMLR members can use either style:

  1. Older "colour" style REMLR TAC 2002REMLR TAC This is a gif file in approximately the right size, and the idea is that you can print the gif file at home on your bubblejet and then laminate it/them. The resulting image on paper or adhesive or whatever should be 14.5cm wide by 14.5cm long; i.e., a 14.5cm square to fit the 6" x 6" TAC plate. The "REMLR.COM" letters are in Tahoma Bold Font size 56. The red is Hex code DE0000 and the yellow FFFF00. You can take the file on a floppy disk to a Colour Copy centre or similar for them to Laser print too. I am still experimenting on this last method since I don't yet know how long a laminated A4 paper TAC -with red ink- will last before they get daggy.

  2. Modern "low-vis" style REMLR TAC 2002REMLR low-vis TAC This is a gif to be used as an example of what you should end up with after making it yourself with a (1) "sticky stencil" method or (2) adhesive letters method.

    (1) Dennis M. started doing this to paint on markings, black or white. Dennis arranges a local sticker maker to run off a single oblong sticker of the whole design and cuts out the marking on the sticker. He then has a "sticky stencil" in negative to stick onto the Olive Drab painted panel, or in this case, TAC plate. He sticks the "sticky stencil" in the correct place and then masks off the panel area to catch any overspray. Then Dennis sprays over the "sticky stencil" with several light coats of matte black paint (or white in the case of the front vehicle name or tyre pressure markings). Then he carefully lifts a corner of the oblong and the centers of any "O"s and "A"s with the sharp edge of a penknife and removes the oblong (wet painted) "sticky stencil". This tricky last bit reveals the black (or white) results. And IF you can do a neat job of making a pair of REMLR "low-visibility" TACs or marking jerrycans etc, you're probably ready to do stencil markings on the Landy.

    (2) Spray a TAC plate matte black on one side. Thick. Once it is dry, stick on mailbox sticker-letters from the hardware shop and use tape for the center line. Then spray on the Olive Drab with care. Lastly, carefully remove the stickers by lifting a corner of each sticker-letter and the line of tape first, and reveal the matte black markings.

The general idea is that any person who sees the REMLR TAC when you are out and about finds out about the web site ---- and from the website they get all they ever needed to know about ex-mil Landys but were afraid to ask.

For info on Australian Army markings refer Ref Steven Taubert's Guide.

For the record, here's the 1998 original REMLR TAC and the 2001 modified REMLR TAC. The original TAC stickers, which have all gone now, were expensive. I got 100 made and they COST near 5 dollars each. I paid the price because I had seen other red stickers fade in 12 months and I wanted the best possible red, guaranteed not to fade. Despite using the strongest UV resistant vinyls on the sticker, they faded anyway, especially in Queensland and especially where the TAC stayed on the vehicle 7 days a week, not just at show 'n shines. Hence the swing to do it yourself TACS.


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