The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc REMLR meeting number one
REMLR's first meeting during the Land-Rover 50th Anniversary
celebration in Cooma NSW April 1998

Ross Carswell, Don Ashton, ??, Bruce Reynolds

Line up at Cooma Cenotaph
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Ross Carswell, Bruce Reynolds, Don Ashton

In showground - Don Ashton, Ross Carswell
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Best Ex-Military of Show - Stephen Stansfield
Member #001 1965 Ambulance
Also, see
Stephen's shed

left: Roger Styles G.S., right: Robert Barker G.S.
(Robert Barker Member #35 Best 110 of Show)
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Stephen Stansfield & James Taylor
meeting at Cooma Showground

Cooma's main street - Stephen Stansfield
1965 Ambulance, member 001


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