The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc

I've attempted to include as much history about the establishment and development of REMLR on this page, but if there is something missing or has been left out, please e-mail me at

in around 1996, The thought of an Ex Army Land Rover group had barely even been considered. The closest anybody came was some of the state based military vehicle clubs. Ross Carswell (NSW), Kevin Hicks (Qld) and Stephen Stansfield(Qld) began communicating after Stephen wrote his booklet, the earliest "civvy" documentation of ex-army Land Rover specifications. Stephen's Series 2a Ambulance was featured in Land Rover Owner International magazine in 1996.  To this point in time so much information and history of Land Rovers in Australian Military service was disappearing through the cracks until one particular event.

That event was the 50th Anniversary of Land Rover celebrations held at Cooma NSW in 1998. The event was organised by the Land Rover Owners club of Victoria with the assistance of The Land-Rover Club of Australia (Sydney) Inc and The Range Rover Club of Australia (Sydney) Inc .Land Rover owners from all walks of life, and from all around the country flocked to Cooma for the event. This was the event that really kicked things off. Through contacts that Ross had made he handed out membership forms, and got about two thirds of them back, and the Registry of Ex Military Land Rovers was born. Photos from the event can be found on this page.

Word of the Registry slowly spread through word of mouth, and through the various military vehicle clubs, culminating in the construction of a small website for the registry. However as with many things that start small, they become large quickly and the Registry continued to expand its library of information and its list of members.

Over the years REMLR became a combination of encyclopedia and military vehicle club, researching significant information about the Australian Army Land Rover fleets as well as holding regular events including R&R weekends away, ANZAC day march participation, and Tons of Land Rovers events. Photos from some of these events can be found on the Events and Meetings page.

Some significant milestones have included:

On March 10 2004 REMLR set up online forums on the Australian Land Rover Owners website at The support of AULRO since then has been amazing.

In late 2006 Richard Green took over the webmaster and Administrator roles within REMLR and the realisation that we have more webspace than we can use has led to some expansions to what information and member sheds REMLR has online.

In August of 2007 a member suggested that REMLR would benefit from having a patron. Within a month of that initial suggestion, and some questioning of a few members as to what they thought of the idea, James Taylor accepted the position of the REMLR Patron. For more information about James Taylor, look here.

2007 also saw REMLR branch out to include a small chapter about the International No.1, commonly known as the ACCO. So the ACCO Chapter was born.

In 2008 REMLR continues to expand. In January the ACCO Chapter was renamed to the Army Inter Chapter both to avoid confusion with civilian international trucks, and encompass some of the other International trucks used in small numbers by the Army.

on 2010 another large shift occurred not in the REMLR web site, but in who has control of the web site. In order to shore up it's future, the Registry of Ex Military Land Rovers Incorporated was formed. Existing members of REMLR now became Registrants, and any registrant was welcome to pay the $5 fee to become a member of REMLR Inc that is the Steering committee for the REMLR website.

In May 2011 REMLR moved it's online forums from those at AULRO to our own on The support from AULRO, it's owner and members over the last few years has been amazing, and we look forward to seeing everybody at our new home.

August 2013 saw REMLR redesigned once more to allow for information to be more easily found as an influx of ex Army Perentie 110 and 6x6 Land Rovers hit the market from Department of Defence Auctions held by Australian Frontline Machinery.  This redesign changed little content, but streamlined navigation, and allowed for future expansion in to other vehicles.



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