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Radios and Radio Equipment

Radios and Radio Equipment This page will be in a constant state of update, change and revision for some time. If you have something to contribute, or would like to assist in updating this page, please contact REMLR.

Australian Army Radio Equipent

  • 696
  • 618F1A
  • A43R
  • A510
  • A512
  • A618/ACAS
  • AB652-GRC
  • AM-598/U
  • AM-2060
  • AN/ARC-44
  • AN/ARC-54
  • AN/GRA-6 - Remote Ctrl Group
  • AN/GRA-39 - Radio Set Ctrl Group
  • AN/GRC-106
  • AN/MRC-69(T) - Medium Radio Relay Terminal Set
  • AN/MRC-69(R) - Medium Radio Relay Repeater Set
  • AN/PRC-9A and 10
  • AN/PRC-25 Series
  • AN/PRC-41
  • AN/PRC-47
  • AN/PRC-64
  • AN/PRC-25
  • AN/PRC-77
  • AN/TRC-24
  • AN/TRC-90A - Radio Terminal
  • AN/TSC-38 - Radio Terminal
  • AN/VRC-12 Series
  • AN/VRC-46
  • AN/VRC-49
  • AS-1729
  • AT-339/PRC
  • AT-340/PRC
  • AT-784/PRC
  • B40 Admiralty Type Receiver
  • B47
  • B48
  • B70
  • C11/R210
  • C13
  • C42
  • C45
  • CPRC-26
  • GRC-F2
  • HC-5D 'Skyranger'
  • Mast Telescopic 27ft
  • PRC-F1
  • PTR-170
  • R216 - Reception Set
  • R-391/URR - Reception Set
  • R5223 - Reception Set
  • RC-292 - Antenna Equipment
  • 'Sunair' SA-14
  • SB-611/MRC - Panel Patching Communication
  • Remote Ctrl Group AN/GRA-6 (C)
  • Amplifier-Power Supply AM-598/U (O)
  • Antenna AT-339/PRC and AT-340/PRC (O)
  • Radio Set C42 and C45 (O) To be replaced by AN/VRC-12 Series
  • Radio Set B47 and B48 (O) To be replaced by AN/VRC-53 and AN/VRC-125
  • Radio Set AN/TRC-24 (C)
  • Radio Set B70 (C)
  • Radio Set AN/PRC-41 (C)
  • Radio Set A43R (C)
  • Radio Terminal AN/TRC-90A (C)
  • Radio Terminal AN/TSC-38 (C)
  • Radio Set 'Skyranger' HC-5D (O) To be replaced by Sunair SA-14
  • Radio Set 'Sunair' SA-14 (C) Replaced later by 14RA
  • Radio Set AN/ARC-44 (C) (O 1969) Replaced by AN/ARC-54
  • Radio Set AN/ARC-54 (C)
  • Radio Set 618F1A (C)
  • Radio set PTR-170 (C)
  • Radio Set A618/ACAS (C) (O 1969)
  • Radio Set 696 (C) Reception Set R5223 (C)
  • Reception Set R-391/URR (C)
  • Reception Set R216 (C)
  • Admiralty Type Receiver B40 (C) (O 1967)
  • Antenna Equipment RC-292 (C)
  • Mast Telescopic 27ft (C)
  • Panel Patching Communication SB-611/MRC (C)
  • Medium Radio Relay Terminal Set AN/MRC-69(T) (C)
  • Medium Radio Relay Repeater Set AN/MRC-69(R) (C)



Manufacturer: Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Channels: Frequency: 2 - 10 MHz
Transmit Power: CW 0.75W / AM 0.2W Weight: 9 KG / 20lbs Vehicle Mount: ???
Use dates: 1951 - ? Status in 1966: Obsolete Est Range: 2 miles voice, 4 miles CW
Voltage: Battery: 2 dry batteries 1.5V, 90V and -7.5V Useage: Manpack??
Lightweight Telegraph Key (Aust) No1
Microphone and Receiver Headset Handset
Aerials End Fed Adjustable 135ft
8ft whip antenna
Aerials Lightweight 68f t
Canvas Pouches
Canvas Aerial Carrying Pouch
Transit Case
Instruction Chart
Cords Aerial Weighted
Counterpoise Assembly
Aerial Feeder 70 ohm
Rod Tuner
Satchels Signals No1
A510 Receiver
A510 Transmitter
User Handbook
Crystal Unit



Manufacturer: Delco Channels: 4 Frequency: 2.2 to 6 MHz
Transmit Power:
CW 5Watts
Voice 1.5Watts
Weight: Vehicle Mount: n/a
Use dates: 1960's Status in 1966: In Use Est Range:
Voltage: Battery: BA-1509/PRC-64 28V, 12V, 4V Useage: Manpack??



Manufacturer: Collins Channels: Frequency: 2.000 to 11.999 MHz
Transmit Power: 20W / 100W Weight: 36kg / 80lb Vehicle Mount: n/a ?
Use dates: 1960 Status in 1966: Current Est Range:
Voltage: 117 volt AC power supply Battery: 26.5 volt DC Useage: Manpack / Vehicle

RT-671/PRC-47 Receiver Transmetter
AS-1320/PRC-47 Antenna 15 foot whip NSN 5985-087-2326
AS-1321/PRC-47 Antenna 45 foot long wire NSN 5985-087-2305
MX-4430/PRC-47 Battery Terminal Adapter NSN 6135-087-2301 U-239/PRC-47 FSK Cable Adapter NSN 5820-970-6766 BB-451/U Storage Battery

Information: The AN/PRC 47 is a HF receiver transmitter that can be used in the man-portable (2 pers - 1 for radio and 1 for batteries) vehiclular or ground station role. It requires 26V DC or 115V AC.

Frequency Range: 2 to 11.999 MHz in 1 kHz increments (10,000 channels)
Operating Mode: Voice (SSB - USB ) FSK and CW (+2 kHz)
RF Output: High Power 100W PEP and Low Power 20W PEP
Antenna: Whip and long wire 13.73m (in CES)
Planning Range: 32km (Ground Wave)
RATT: With FSK Blower Converter Unit (700C-1) and Teletype UGC-74

There was a vehicle mount for this radio, but the part numbers are unknown at this stage. On the series 2 and 2a it is thought that the mounts were unit made to mont the radio.




Manufacturer: Channels: Frequency: 2-30 MHz
Transmit Power: 200w / 400w Weight: 55+ kg / 122+lb Vehicle Mount:
Use dates: Status in 1966: Current Est Range: 50 miles on the whip and 1000 miles on the doublet antenna
Voltage: 27 vdc Battery: Useage: Vehicle Mounted
Receiver/Transmitter, Radio RT-622/GRC
Amplifier, Radio Frequency AM-3349/GRC 106
Mount MT 3140/GRC.
Radio Teletypewriter Modem MD-522A/GRC (Optional)
Radio Teletypewriters GRC-142/l22 (Optional)

Information: The AN/GRC 106 is a HF receiver transmitter. It can be used vehicle-mounted or as a ground station. It requires 27 +/- 3V DC with a maximum consumption of 43A.

Frequency Range: 2-29.99 MHz in 28000 1kHz increments (106) or 100 kHz increments (106A)
Operating Mode: Voice (SSB -USB- and AM); RATT (FSK and NSK) and CW (+2 kHz)
RF Output: SSB and AM 400W Peak Envelope Power (PEP); CW and FSK 200W average
Antenna: Whip or Dipole (AN/GRA-50)
Planning Ranges: Ground Wave - up to 80km; Sky Wave (single or multiple skip) bloody long way !!
Radio and Teletype (RATT): requires Modem MD-522A/GRC and Teletype UGC-74




Manufacturer: Philips and Canadian Rogers Channels: Frequency: 47 to 55.4 mhz
Transmit Power: 300mW Weight: 5 kg Vehicle Mount: n/a
Use dates: Status in 1966: Obsolete Est Range: 1.6 km.
Voltage: Battery: Useage: Manpack??
Comments: Replaced PRC-10, and was replaced by PRC-25. Some went to vietnam?


AN/PRC-9A and 10

Manufacturer: Channels: Frequency: PRC-9 27.0 to 38.9 mc
PRC-10 38.0 to 54.9 mc
Transmit Power: 0.9 W Weight: 12 kg / 26lb Vehicle Mount: AM-598/U
Use dates: 1951 Status in 1966: Obsolete Est Range:
Voltage: Battery: BA-279/U Useage:Manpack
Comments: Replaced by PRC-25

AT-271/PRC antenna (long)
AT-272/PRC antenna (Short)
handset H-33B/PT
harness ST-120/PR







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