The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc

In mid 2007 it was suggested to offer noted Land Rover and Automotive historian James Taylor the post of the Patron of REMLR. It is with great pleasure that we announce that James has accepted our offer and now holds the post of Patron of the Registry of Ex Military Land Rovers.

James attended the 50th Anniversary of Land Rover celebrations held at Cooma in NSW in 1998 and presented REMLR member 001 with Best Military Land Rover. In fact REMLR sprang from James asking Stephen if there was any Ex Military Land Rover group in Australia.

Below is some more information about James himself.

  • Freelance journalist since 1990, specialising in Rover cars and Land Rovers (but doing plenty of other stuff too).
  • Written well over 80 books (must be going on 90 by now) Ė not all on Land Rovers!
  • First Land Rover was a Range Rover in 1978 that I took to Morocco for a post-University holiday. Didnít like Morocco, but loved the Range Rover.
  • Nearly bought first Land Rover (an 86) in 1974 but bottled out of a joint purchase with a friend.
  • Wrote in the early days for Off-Road & Four-Wheel Drive magazine (from which Land Rover World sprang in 1994)
  • was with Land Rover Owner 1989-1999 (initially as History specialist, latterly as Consulting Editor)
  • then with Land Rover Monthly as Associate Editor 1999-2000;
  • Editor of Land Rover Enthusiast since 2000 and Managing Director of LRE Media (which took over the magazine from Greenhouse Publishing) since March 2007).
  • Currently running a Series II Discovery Td5. used to have Range Rovers, Range Rovers and Range Rovers.
  • Married to Toni, who runs the LRe subscriptions and keeps the editorial office in order
  • Four children (twin girls, now 20; boys aged 6 and 2), all shaping up nicely to be Land Rover nuts.
  • Have done some writing projects directly for Land Rover Ltd.
  • No complaints about turning my hobby into a living!




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