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Land Rover Series 3

In April 1977 delivery of Series 3 Land-Rovers to the Australian Army began. The vehicle's construction and mechanical specifications were essentially the standard Australian 6 cylinder petrol 109" Land-Rovers. The earliest Series 3 delivery we have listed is April 1977 and the latest Series 3 delivery we have listed is March 1981. The total number of these Series 3 six cylinder petrol units was reported in the December 1998 issue of Overlander as being 2,280 (divided into 1,500 G.S. and 780 F.F.R.).

The Overlander report proved incorrect when archived information became available mid-February 2004. It turns out there were:

  • 2,303 Series 3 Australian Military Land-Rovers produced in total.
  • 1,345 Series 3 'G.S.' 6cyl 109" Military Land-Rovers manufactured (from February 1977 to February 1981)
  • 918 Series 3 'F.F.R.' 6cyl 109" Military Land-Rovers manufactured (from May 1978 to April 16 1981),
  • 40 Series 3 'Maintenance Vehicles' (Workshop Trucks) 6cyl 109" Land-Rovers manufactured (all in a week during February 1981).
  • However information on RAAF vehicles which were a part of that contract were built in unknown numbers.
  • A full breakdown of known numbers can be found on the Land Rover Contracts and Vehicle Numbers page.

All Series 3 Military Land-Rovers were 109" wheelbase and all with petrol 6 cylinder engines. Interestingly, no Series 3 Station Wagons were listed. Wagons were imported fully assembled and didn't have much to with the 'Assembly Line' as such... and no Series 3 Ambulances appear in the L.R.A. info either. The Series 3 supply contracts were completed by April 16 1981. The numbers of Landys rolling off the 'Assembly Line' per day varied a lot; some days 6, some days 12, and some/most days 8 military Landys were assembled. The only other definitive variant in the Series 3 lineup were some GS vehicles which were converted for line laying duties, described as Fitted For Line (FFL).

However at least one Series 3 Ambulance was built, as was a Station Wagon in 1967/77 that entered service with registrations 27-650 through to 26-654, predating the Army Contract that started deliveries in 1977.  It is possible these 5 vehicles, a GS, FFR, Ambulance, Station Wagon, and Truck Chassis (probably for a maintenance vehicle tray) were trials for the series 3's final selection, however no documents exist to confirm that REMLR has had access to.

For Series 3 EMEI's and workshop manuals, visit the Series 3 EMEI page and for Series 3 Parts Manuals visit the Repair Parts Schedule page.


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