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Land Rover Series 2a


The December 1988 issue of Overlander magazine states that the first Series 2A 88" was delivered in June 1963 and that the first Series 2A 109" was delivered in 1964. It does not discuss the numerous modifications made to the standard 2A design to suit AMF requirements.

Australian Army Registration -provisional- details from the B.B.B. shows that:

  • A sum total of 4776 Series 2A Land-Rovers 'enlisted' with the Australian Army according to the ARN records to date (25.07.2013)
  • Short wheelbase 88": 1010
  • Long wheelbase 109": 3766
  • More details - see REMLR's B.B.B. files
  • A full breakdown of known numbers can be found on the Land Rover Contracts and Vehicle Numbers page.

The last or 'late' Series 2A 109" models purchased are dated 9/1971 with the headlights in the wings (same as Series 3).

The December 1988 issue of Overlander also provided a combined total for Series 2 and 2A purchased by the AMF. It stated that the total was 6,626 units supplied in both 88" and 109" types between "16.12.58" and "9/71". Allowing for the fact that the Australian Army definitely purchased some replacement chassis (for repairs), and that the RAAF purchased a number of series 2a Military Specification vehicles, the Overlander figure could be about right. The B.B.B. files, digitised between late 2003 and early 2005 show a total of 6617 Series 2 & 2A Land-Rovers purchased between "16.12.58" and "2/72". by the Army, and so far only 20 RAAF units have been confirmed from Photographs.  Bringing a total of 6637 vs the 6626 quoted by Overlander.

Some Air Force and Navy Land-Rover information has been uncovered.

The NZ Army purchased surplus (used) Series 2A Australian Army units after the Vietnam War. more NZ info


88 Inch Land Rovers

109 Inch Land Rovers



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