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Land Rover Series 1

Officially the Australian Army did not start using the Land Rover until 1958 with the Series 2. However at least one unit was used for engine trials in 1952 with a Land Rover, Rolls Royce and Holden engine fitted. A number of Royal Review Series 1 Land Rovers also made their way to Australia at various times for the numerous Royal Visits, 2 of which even made their way form the Commonwealth Fleet of vehicles in to Australian Army service. Information about all of these can be found on the pages below.

  • In 1952 an Australian Army vehicle appraisal team used a 1948 ton GS Land-Rover ARN 153-952 for an extended period, covering 100,000+ miles in service from 1949 to the late 1950's. It was chassis NR862994 (80inch wheelbase, 6.00x16 tyres, silver chassis). The success of 153-952 surely must have helped when the Series 2 Land-Rover underwent Army Design Establishment tests for the 1958 supply contract. More details at ANZACsteel website of the REMLR page about Series 1 Engine Trials

  • Another ton GS Land-Rover, ARN 107-678, was factory fitted with a Rolls Royce engine and also appraised. This 1950 model Landy was chassis NR06104333 with RR engine NB40DB558. (The Australian Army's Austin Champs used the same engine).

  • Some UK MOD 88inch G.S. units were in use by the RAAF at Queensland Air bases in the 1950's...

  • One or two early Land-Rovers were modified and upholstered for ceremonial use by the Australian Army...

  • REMLR hears that some dark blue 107inch utility body Land-Rovers were used at the R.A.N. Diving Ctr, Port Jackson...
  • The Royal Australian Navy did have some for shore transport, carried around by warships, although little information about them exist.
  • Some UK MOD 88inch G.S. units accompanied the early A-bomb testing in South Australia and purportedly they got buried out there with all the other stuff. However some MOD units have appeared, and it is unknown if they are private imports, or ex Woomera units.

  • The New Zealand Army used Series 1 units extensively at a time when the Australian Army used the Austin Champ (1950's). The New Zealand Army initially used Series 1 units in their Vietnam War effort.


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