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Reference Pictures

1960's Series 2A Fire Engine archive pics 1960's Rover Australia Series 2 archive pics
1960 Pics from John Bamford of the Ambuilance Prototype Trials 1960's Rover Australia Series 2a archive pics
1969 Vehicle Recovery Training 1961 RAEME Series 2 archive pics
1970's - Thommos Land Rover Photos 1971 Murray Barracks Training PNG
1972 Driver Training Exercise 1970 - 73: Deejay's Army Photos
1980's Pics from Australia 1991 Australian Army Vehicle Auction
1990's photos from Justin Pollard 2001 Pics from East Timor
2002 Driver Training Photos 2007 Perentie Pics
1 Movement Control Group Scrapbook Monegeeta Proving Grounds Photos
Land Rover Workshop Vehicle Configuration Photos Workshop Trailer Configuration Photos
Tool Kit Photos Australian United Nations Deployments
The Perentie Collection - Photos by Ian Withnall 18 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment Photos - Colin McDairmaid

In Action Series

In Action - Series 2 106mm RCL Carrier  

Land Rovers in the Vietnam War

Australia in the Vietnam War Background Land-Rovers in the Vietnam War - AWM Pictures
Wayne R. - RAASC in-country Bob B. - RAAMC - 8 Field ambulance 67-68
Merv P. - RAASC in-country 66-67 Rob M. - RAEME in Nui Dat pix list
Noel P. - RAEME in Vung Tau 71 87 Tpt Pl RAASC SVN Association Vietnam Photos
87 Tpt Pl RAASC SVN Photos Page2

Bruce Wilson's Vietnam War Photographs
A Truck Driver at War: Vietnam 1969 - 1970

1 Coy RAASC (66-67)

NZ in South Vietnam 1971


Unit Histories and Vietnam War Information

The History of 90 Transport Platoon, RAASC Operation Crimp January 1966
Australian Services personnel who made the supreme sacrifice in the Vietnam War Vietnam War Lessons Learned
RAR Tours of Duty in Vietnam RAASC in Vietnam

Other Reference Information

Australian Issued Equipment From the
Roseworthy Collection
The Roseworthy Collection


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