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Information for Registrants and Members

There are 3 levels of membership in REMLR

There is no need to own an ex-mil vehicle for any level of membership just to have an interest in them

  1. Forum member: You can post, ask questions and generally look around. To find the Forum Look Here
  2. REMLR Registrant: Become a registrant and receive a REMLR no, again no need to own a vehicle but as this register is used to keep a record of vehicle ownership most registrants also own a vehicle. Also gives access to registrants area of the forum.
  3. Member of REMLR Inc: This has a fee of $5.00 and allows you to vote in general and AG meetings and have more of a say in the running of the REMLR website and forum.

Look here for the REMLR Registration form and look here for the REMLR Membership form. All forms should be emailed to

If you are unsure of anything please contact any member of the committee or the membership officer


The History of REMLR

REMLR Registration form
Register your ex-mil Landy and become a registrant

REMLR Registrant List - See who has what vehicles

REMLR Supply Shed
Need something? Buy sell swap & supplier guide.

tinselThe REMLR Shop
Just the place to buy stickers, parts or plates.

REMLR Links to Army Units and Associations

REMLR's Club Links - Ex-mil-vehicle club links by Grover.

The Patron of REMLR, James Taylor


REMLR Membership form
Registrants can pay a fee and become a financial member of REMLR Inc

REMLR Members 'Sheds'

REMLR Message Board
Runs on a separate website.

REMLR A4 flyer
Please pass them around.

REMLR A4 Flyer Number 2
Thanks To Kevin Hicks

REMLR tac sign
Print 'em out, put 'em on.

REMLR Landycam
All sorts of pics...

The Bush Tucker Man
REMLR has a guide to Les Hiddins' work.

The Bush Tucker Man Vehicles
Information about hte vehicles used on the show.

REMLR P & D happy snaps
Support your local Pipes & Drums.

The Oddities Page
Photos of those weird and wonderful Rovers

REMLR collection of R.I.P. pics
Member's pics of retired ex-mil Land-Rovers.

Postal Address
Richard Green.
48 Richings Drive,
Youngtown, 7249
Tasmania, Australia.

Go to the REMLR forum and... Join in the conversations

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