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The Library

Welcome to the Library!

This is a new index on REMLR to demonstrate the tabbed navigation that I am trialling for larger pages o make information easier to find. Hopefully it will assist in breaking up large tracts of information that we have on single pages into a more manageable and readable format!

So if you have information that you think would be valuable to others, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Intellectual Property and Copyright statement

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Articles and Adverts

Military Land-Rover Articles
Some articles featuring Australian and New Zealand military Land Rovers.

Military Land-Rover Advertisements
Some Australian adverts featuring military LR.

Advertisements Look again!

Perentie Brochures and Documents


Aust. Military Land-Rovers 1958-1978
Stephen Stansfield's book on Aust. mil Landys.

Aust. Formation Signs & Unit Markings
Stephen T. info on TAC signs, etc.

Aust. Vehicle Operating Instructions
Stephen S. info on TAC signs, etc.

A listing of the Abbreviations used by the Army, and on this website

tinsel The Roseworthy Collection
Don't miss this!

Excerpts from "Forty Years of Army Design"
This book is in essence a history of the Army Design Establishment

Complete Equipment Schedules

Australian Army Complete Equipment Schedule (CES) Documents
List of Complete Equipment Schedules of items carried in Army Vehicles. Many of which are available to be downloaded.

A Visual Australian Army CES Guide
A visual guide to the Complete Equipment Schedule items carried in a number of Army Vehicles

LR CES CES 2025 CES 2071 CES 2003
Copies of 1969 RAASC Land-Rover CES docs.


Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Instructions

Vehicle Wiring Diagrams

Other Technical Info

Technical Drawings

Australian Army Vehicle Markings

Australian Army Vehicle Specifications

REMLR list of Census Numbers

REMLR gallery of military modifications

Australian Army Vehicle Colour Schemes and Paint

Aust. Vehicle Operating Instructions
Scanned by Stephen S. info on TAC signs, etc.

A listing of the Abbreviations used by the Army, and on this website


Repair Parts Schedules (RPS) - In normal jargon, Parts books! What we have offline, and some available online for download.

REMLR info on Aust. mil tyres

REMLR info on Aust. Army Radio Gear

REMLR info on Aust. mil canopies

REMLR info on Aust. mil part numbers

REMLR info on vehicle fittings from the
Roseworthy Collection


International Truck User Handbook

Land Rover Handbooks