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Forward Control Land Rovers

The main user of Forward Control Land Rovers in the Australian Defence Forces was the Australian Army who used the 101 Forward Control to tow the Rapier Anti Aircraft missile defence system.

Australian Army 101" Land Rovers

58 RHD 101's were produced between 1976 and 1978 by Land-Rover for the British Aircraft Corporation. The BAC supplied the Rapier Missile system to the Australian Army which was used by a number of units. 16 Air Defence Regiment were the primary users towing Rapier units, or rapier storage trailers. Vehicles also had rapier storage racks fitted in the rear of the vehicle. The RAEME Training Centre and School of Artillery also had 101 Land Rovers.

The secretary attended an early 1990's auction at Holsworthy Army Base in NSW to see the release of a smashed Perentie 4x4 ($15,500), 12 or so Series 2A / Series 3 109" units ($3000 to $4,000), and about 15 Forward Control 101" units ($9000 - $13,000 I think). At their release the 101s carried no Rapier parts and appeared as per G.S. "standard" (all had the front and rear operable PTO winch). Other units have been privately imported into Australia on top of this 58 units.

Australian Army Series 2a and 2b Forward Control Land Rovers

More recently information about Land Rover Series 2a and 2b Forward Control vehicles has surfaced showing trials of at least one vehicle by the Army Design Establishment (ADE) and possibly another used as a fire engine by the Royal Australian Navy.

More details on Australian Military Land-Rovers fleet numbers and paint schemes.


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