The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Australian Military Land-Rover Info Collection

Military Vehicle Registration details       ARNs = Army Registration Numbers

General notes about the ARN Ledgers. volumes:

  • In 1982 the Army ('HQ Logistics Command, DoD, Melb.') placed 16 "Army Vehicle Registration Books" (Jan 1 1938 to Oct 25 1982) into Australian War Memorial archives.
  • In 1999 a further 10 "Army Vehicle Registration Books" with later entries were archived.
  • In 2016 the Australian War Memorial that holds the majority of the Vehicle Registration Ledgers digitised their collection and made them available online. These can be found at this page of the AWM . These are images of the books and can not be text searched. These are the same documents that have been collated into these pages, and have had additional information added, and notations translated. The ARN's in this volumes begin at 1 and go all the way up to 181-066
  • Fleet details were moved from books to computers during the 1990s since the last 'date of disposal' entries are dates from the early 1990s. Series 3 Land-Rover ARNs were recorded initially in ledgers, but when the system changed to a digital one, the remaining vehicles were moved to that system.
  • Perentie Land-Rover ARNs were initially allocated ARN's in the same ledgers that held the series 3 ARN's, however the electronic system was begun before any but the trials vehicles were entered into the ledgers. Only the occasional vehicles details were in the ledgers. The rest of the perentie information is in digital format. These ledgers were originally thought destroyed until they appeared in 2008 containing ARN's in the modern range of 25-000 to 51-999.
  • B.B.B notations in REMLR refer to the Big Blue Books, a term given to the large blue ledgers by researchers at the time when REMLR was starting up.

Modern ARN Ledgers               Census Codes   All Vehicle Registrations   Land Rover Registrations   Other Vehicle Registrations

Census Codes

Census Codes and ARN Notes for Land Rovers Ledger comments as well as Census Codes and their corresponding Nomenaclature
All Census Codes A listing of all Census codes on the REMLR Database

All Vehicle Registrations

NEW Interactive Army Registration Number Register This was done up by REMLR member Scott C and allows filtering and searching in a range of fields.
Full Army Registration Number Register This page contains pages which list all of the Army Registration Numbers that REMLR has in it's database and what vehicle was allocated that number.
ARN's by Manufacturer ARN's by Manufacturer, these lists do not include Land Rover or International.
Vietnam ARNs A list of ARN's for vehicles that served in Vietnam.

Land Rover Registrations

Land Rover Contracts and Numbers Information about the number of Land Rovers ordered, built and in the ARN database. For Australian Military Orders.
Series 1 Registration Numbers Australian Defence Force Vehicles. RAN, RAAF and Army
Series 2 & 2A ARNs  Organised by ARN
Series 3 ARNs Organised by ARN. 90% done, Only missing RAAF specifics.
RAAF Rego Numbers Series 2, 2a and 3 registration numbers
RAN Rego Numbers Series 2, 2a, 3 and 110 registration numbers
101 Forward Control ARNs Organised by Chassis Number.
Perentie ARNs Some work in Progress as Auctions Occur
New Zealand Land Rovers Ordered by NZ No.
New Zealand Land Rovers Ordered by ARN
Various 80-86-88-90-109-110-130  NZ & UK origin ex-mil Landys

Other Vehicle and Trailer Registrations

Trailer Registration Numbers Project Under Way!!!
Army and RAAF registration numbers
M113 APCs also known as Aluminum Buckets
M548 Tracked Load Carriers also known as Tilleys
Moke ARN's Just because we have them, the ARN's for almost all of the mokes, and moke trailers.
Haflinger ARN's One of the smallest 4x4's ever produced. The army only had 50, and here they are with their trailers.
International ACCOs The Land Rovers big brother.
ASLAV ARN's Australia's in service wheeled Armour

More B.B.B.:
Other vehicle's ARN records
'117-000' to '122-646'--Various 1940s & 1950s vehicles
'122-647' to '132-320'--Various 1940s vehicles
'132-321' to '134-139'--Various 1940s & 1950s vehicles
'134-140' to '134-480'--FHC 'M113A1' 1965-7-8
'134-481' to '137-306'--Various 1950s & 1960s vehicles
'137-352' to '146-600'--Various WW2 Jeeps & Bantam trailers, GMC, Kaiser, Reo, vehicles
'149-201' to '150-898'--Various WW2 GMC, Amphibs, Jeep trailers, etc
'150-897' to '159-509'--Various WW2 Jeeps, Nº5 trailers etc
'153-998' to '155-000'--N°5 trailers (DM trailer '154-520' chassis #1060)
'161-920' to '169-341'--Various WW2 Jeeps, Ford CMP, GMC, Studebakers, trailers, etc
'170-001' to '171-946'--ACCO Mk3 2½ ton 1963-68
'172-585' to '172-970'--ACCO Mk3 2½ ton 1968
'173-017' to '173-653'--N°5 trailers 1966
'173-654' to '173-978'--Workshop trailers
'174-024' to '174-194'--ACCO Mk3 2½ ton 1969
'174-495' to '174-694'--ACCO Mk3 5 ton 1968
'174-904' --Dodge staff car (Phoenix?)
'174-915' to '175-167'--ACCO Mk3 5 ton 1969
'175-367' to '175-419'--Holden cars 1968-69
'175-420' to '174-445'--ACCO Mk3 2½ ton
'175-448' to '176-305'--Holden cars, VW, Ford truck 'D' 2½ ton 1969
'176-316' to '176-528'--VW, flatbed trailers 20 ton
'176-528' to '176-532'--ACCO Mk3 2½ ton 1969
'176-741' to '176-748'--¾ ton towrig trailers OHM make; chassis 3, 7, 6, 4, 10, 9, 5, 2 'ofm' 1971 (1988 disposal)
'176-796' to '176-884'--ACCO Mk3 wrecker trucks 5 ton
'177-272' to '177-371'--OFM make N°5 trailers 1971
'177-374' to '177-384'--VW Carryall
'177-385' to '177-391'--Recovery tow rigs ¾ ton
'177-392' to '177-417'--VW Carryall, Dodge 1 ton
'177-418' to '177-723'--ACCO Mk4 2½ ton 1970 with air brakes, Holden, Ford utilities, Dodge 1 ton, Bedfords, Reo 20 ton
'177-837' to '177-851'--N° 5 trailers, various
'177-961' to '178-990'--ACCO Mk4 2½ ton 1971
'178-457' to '178-468'--ACCO 5 ton
'178-469' to '178-564'--Holden cars, VW 1971
'178-565' to '178-778'--ACCO Mk4 2½ ton 1971
'179-029' to '179-105'--VW Kombi Carryall
'179-106' to '179-159'--ACCO 5 ton 1971
'179-159' to '179-483'--VW, Bedford bus, trailers, Holden cars, Dodge 1 ton, Ford XY utes, etc
'179-535' to '180-874'--VW Kombi Carryall, trailers, Kaiser, Holden cars, Dodge 1 ton, Ford utes 1971, etc
'180-951' to '181-063'--ACCO 2½ ton 1972
'181-063' to '187-538'--ARNS blank -B.B.B. series ends.

  • REMLR has gathered Landy chassis details with it's own member's registry list to show what and which Landys exist 'today'.
  • REMLR has compiled lists of Landy ARNs to find out what Aussie Landys existed back 'then'.
  • Checking up a Landy's 'ARN' from an old photo... then finding out its chassis number (and whatever other 'in-service' info exists)... then matching it up the very same Landy in your shed... would be a "Good Thing" (to say the least).
  • REMLR encourages members to preserve a vehicle's 'in-service' documents and markings. Some REMLR members do have both the ARN info and service logbook info, but that is rare.
  • REMLR members may only have some visual clues on their Landy -- remnants of Army markings on doors and bonnets or an auction lot list or even an old service sheet from behind the seats -- they're all good to find. Sometimes careful removal of layers of old paint will reveal a clue or two, and sometimes a misplaced CES item or modification will be informative at least.

The secretary's original REMLR membership/chassis registry (organised by chassis number - and no longer in use) was combined into the data making up the facsimile Land-Rover ARN registry. This tedious project was begun in late 2003 with the aim of substantiating Army Landy details and also the original REMLR chassis info. The list of REMLR known chassis' numbers were B.B.B. checked - whether the chassis in question was just spotted 'at rest' somewhere or whether it is in 'Parade Condition'.

Some info is from Auction Catalogues like this


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