Author Topic: 5-7 April 2024 - Annual NSW Southern Highlands Ex-Military Land Rover Muster  (Read 197 times)

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Calling all ex-military Land Rover owners in the Southern Highlands and beyond!

After November's inaugural ex-Military Land Rover meet and greet, there were several requests for the next one to be conducted in the first half of 2024 and that it be a camping-based event.

Accordingly, this year's event will be in the first weekend in April and will be held at the Yerranderie ghost town.

A two night event, we'll be based at the NPWS Government Town Campground at the historic and picturesque Yerranderie ghost town, a once-booming silver mining area. Google maps link -

There's plenty to explore out there, from the Private Town buildings and the silver mines to the old cemetary, there's relics a-plenty, bushwalks, a "ghost" walk best done at night time. Climb surrounding peaks for views all the way through to Katoomba. Or you could just relax in camp, whatever works best for you.

National Parks wants us to book a site for the two nights. Feel free to visit and book your spot. It's dirt cheap - for two people for two nights it's $6 at the Government Town Campground.

If you need more facilities such as flush toilets and hot showers, there's the Private Town campground just up the road with allocated sites at significantly greater cost. Government Town Campground is going to be fine for most self-sufficient Land Rover owners.

Government Town Campground is located below the old airstrip, adjacent to the old courthouse and old police station.

If you're coming from Sydney, the best way is going to be the Great Western Highway then over towards Oberon before heading onto the Oberon-Colong Stockroute and following it to Yerranderie.

If you're coming from south of Sydney like us, it'll probably be less hassle to come in from the south via Taralga Rd from Goulburn, or if you want to make a meal of it, follow us down the Wombeyan Caves Road from Mittagong to Taralga Road then on to the stockroute.

This is an informal event and I'll be there in the RFSV by early afternoon on Friday the 5th of April and we're planning to stay until after lunch on Sunday the 7th of April.

If you have any relevant bits and pieces to sell or swap, bring 'em with you.

You could classify the location as remote, so ensure you have enough fuel to get you to and from Yerranderie as well as enough water and provisions to see you out for the two nights of the event. The nearest fuel and provisions are going to be Oberon or Taralga.

Who's invited? The event is open to anyone who owns any ex-military vehicle, but there's a special emphasis on welcoming those with ex-military Land Rovers, particularly Perentie or Bushranger variants. Whether you're from Sydney, Canberra, or somewhere even farther afield, you're more than welcome to join us.

Anyone wishing to convoy in on the Friday from Mittagong with us, let me know and I'll shoot through a PDF copy of the army convoy SOP we'll be using.

Hope to see you there!