Author Topic: The 'madness' has started all over again  (Read 3801 times)

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Re: The 'madness' has started all over again
« Reply #15 on: November 28, 2023, 03:25:54 PM »
It's been a while since I have added to this blog, a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, and a lot of work in my shed on this loco, all while my ex-mil vehicles get left behind, sigh, I can only concentrate on one thing at a time, anyway here we go, as you can imagine there are literally hundreds of different parts that have to be either fabricated or machined from castings, here are the buffers turned down from 1.250" round stock

here are both front n rear buffer beams fitted with the buffer stocks

front n rear pony trucks needed to be fabricated from 3mm steel,

and a section through the axle

but let's start with some of the smaller items, the long suspensio bolts were made from hex steel, turned down n threaded, fitted with the spring cups as well

then some of the parts which needed to be duplicated sometimes x 4 etc

starting to resemble the frames for the trucks

almost a complete assembly

now needing axles n wheels

I'll have to upload more images cheers

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Re: The 'madness' has started all over again
« Reply #16 on: November 28, 2023, 03:52:52 PM »
Moving along as you do, still working on the pony trucks making the radius rods x 2, was a time consuming exercise, turned from solid bar and milled etc

 with bronze bushing

wheels turned on a mandrel, but still needed to have the flanges turned

here is a backward step showing the pony trucks with the center boss n springs, radius rods and a number of frame stretchers

the pivot pins x 2 needed to be made

they need a hex/castellated nut on the base, so out with the diving head and do it

the almost finished nut, just needed the rough edges filed off

and a split pin through it

more to come, I hope it's not too boring

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Re: The 'madness' has started all over again
« Reply #17 on: November 28, 2023, 04:35:24 PM »
It was now 2023 but still making progress, I suppose any progress is better than none LOL, turning my attention now to the main frame in particular the hornblocks axleboxes which are a split item shock horror LoL

after milling all 4 blocks (8 when cut in half) they were milled to size all over and then milled to suit each of the openings in the
main frame

then cut and riveted into place

attention was then turned to the axle boxes which I had mentioned were the split type, not an easy task for an 'amateur' like me
if I stuff it up it means that I would have to wait some length of time toget some replacement castings, so wiith that in the back of my mind I went carefully into the darkness LoL

taking my time I carefully machined them to the sizes on the drawings

as you can see it's a drawing with lotz of lines on it gawd help me, here is one in the rough

the all 8 were at the same stage ready to be bored/milled

it was about this time that my little puss 'Harvey' got really sick, the Vet locally wasn't sure what the issue was anyway to cut a long sad story very short we took him to sash but there nothing they could do,he was put to sleep late March, we had him cremated R.I.P Harvey, he was such a beautiful natured pussy cat only 7 months old, he was a Scottish Fold breed

we still have him, he is with Charli (std POodle and Harriet another cat all cremated

and I might add my 1st wife passed away on the same day but in the morning, she was only 70y.o
it was a sad couple of days.
Moving along I started to plunge mill the axle boxes, knowing full well that any stuff up'shere would spell disaster

luckily no stuff up's happened thankfully, here is one with a 3/4" axle slipped through, the axles had been turned between centers
before hand, and the split axlebox had been cross drilled to keep them in place

the axle boxes needed to have a set of pins made x 16 these held the suspension springs in place under the frames, they were made in 2 pieces then silver brazed together

here are 4 I still needed another 12 of them

all was going well, the axles fitted the axleboxes, which in turn fitted the hornblocks so I turned the frame upside down and loosely fitted it all up

more to come


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Re: The 'madness' has started all over again
« Reply #18 on: November 28, 2023, 06:53:02 PM »
The axle boxes now had to have oil lubrication holes drilled in them to lube the axles and the horn cheeks when the loco is moving along irregularities
on the track (minor inconsistencies) if no lube they would stick and cause issues
 with that now behind me, I could turn my attention to machining the driving wheels, the loco is a 2-8-2 wheel configuration, the leading axle has flanged wheels, the second axle along with the 3rd (main driver) ae flangeless, the 4th axle is flanged, this allowed the loco to negotiate tight curves on mine sites shunting yards etc, so with this info in mind off we went, first up was to rough them out getting rid of the hard cast sand skin

next step was to ream the axle hole so they could be mounted on a mandrel to be finished off

all 8 await their turn on the yet to be made mandrel

It was around this time that after losing Harvey our other cat Mr Freckle

 was missing other cat's company we were lucky to get him a friend, her name is Mae, she is just beautiful as well, also a Scottish fold breed

and me wanting a smaller friend for Mae we got another Scottish fold breed called Lucy, she is adorable they all live happily here with our other little dogs, no fuss at all

Back to the tasks LoL next step with the wheels/axles was to cut the keyways, I started with the axles, setting them up in a 5C square ER32 collet chuck, set on center using a wobbler etc then an undersized mend mill cut the keyway, after getting it spot on, lift the block rotate 90 degrees n repeat the operation x 4 axles

rotate 90deg

check n recheck, spot on
Next task is to quarter the wheels, this required a jig which I had to make before hand, and a broaching tool which I didn't own, but was lucky enough to borrow one, on the condition if I broke it I owned it and replace it with a new one, luckily that didn't happen, here is my jig for the job

it was a nerve wracking task but was achieved without any drama's the broaching tool after use

wheels looked good with the keyways cut and the crankpin holes drilled reamed etc

The crank pins were made from silver steel, I die cut the threads and milled the flats using a ER32 collet set

the driving pins

the others

all 8 of them

wheels quartered.

the frame is getting heavy now with all the extra's on it, the 3rd axle assembly isn't fitted

as it has to have the 'Eccentric sheaves' turned from Cast iron bar, I sourced a supply in Sydney and they posted it to me, I bought a 200mm length x 65mm dia bar, there were a number of steps taken in the process of machining them
here is a closer shot they could be seen in the previous image, 4 larger ones are 2 forward and 3 reverse, the smaller on is the axle water pump

anyway that's enough for the time being maybe some more tomorrow, cheers

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Re: The 'madness' has started all over again
« Reply #19 on: November 29, 2023, 08:59:28 AM »
Fantastic work Dennis!

Sorry to hear of your losses; I share the pain with you when a pet dies. It is good that you have something to keep you occupied,
Cheers Charlie
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