Author Topic: Stretcher frame assembly parts wanted Series 2a Blood Box  (Read 928 times)

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Stretcher frame assembly parts wanted Series 2a Blood Box
« on: April 01, 2019, 03:31:55 PM »
Hi Guys, best place to ask would be here I'm assuming.

I'm short some odds and ends for the stretcher frame assemblies. I'm lucky enough to have two complete frames, but only enough thru pins for one side.
The main cross pins that are the pivot off the wall hanging brackets, the two thru pins on each side of the jump seats: so the lower pivot pin from the seat frame to the stretcher frame, and the one that goes from folding 90deg diagonal bracing. Seems there's at least two different sizes of each.

I'm also chasing two of the fold down supporting strut swivels that go either end of the upper stretcher frame that extend when its in the vertical position.

and last but possibly not least, the lower outer sliding stretcher rail mechanism....the pieces that extend out from the wheel arch box, the square sections that attach to the undersides of the stretcher C section to stow it when the jump seats are being used.

I know this is a random assortment of a parts list, but would be very keen to hear from anyone that could help assist with bits and pieces.

This Ambulance will be used as my Light Horse Troops Field ambulance/support/promotional vehicle....we're located in Bunbury WA

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