Author Topic: Mule M274 Australian Army  (Read 7668 times)

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Re: Mule M274 Australian Army
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Thanks All

I went through the 1959 data base and the 4 mules listed are all Willy's 1959 models.

  ARN       Engine number  Body No:   INFO
107069    1M11079        -  11510      Disposed of on the 4/5/1965
107070    1M10684        -  11503      Disposed of in May 1966
107071    1M11681        -  11501      Reserved for training, no disposal record kept.
107071    1M11701        -  11505      Reserved for training, no disposal record kept.

I will keep on looking, 
I have cataloged every make of vehicle in the ARN 114xxx to 122xxx book and they are not there,  Never know what you find.  About to start the book before these numbers just have to try to understand the dribble of hand writing.
Like looking for a needle in the hay stack.