Author Topic: Protec Camo green paint or old Auscam DPC on a S3 GS  (Read 1001 times)

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Protec Camo green paint or old Auscam DPC on a S3 GS
« on: October 14, 2021, 08:17:28 AM »
Hi all, I was looking at the thread here ( on Protec paints, and I have also reviewed the paint information in the "Restoration Information".

I have a 1978 GS, olive drab colour, that I am nearing the point in its restoration where I will be applying some new paint. I have sourced the Protec Camo Green 342-1166, but I had a few questions:

1. By my reading the Protec Camo Green can just be sprayed like I would a typical enamel (i.e. just with an organics masks, not a supplied air respirator and full body suit). The reason I ask is because it states on the front that it has special "reflectance" properties, and I was unsure if this was by virtue of an additional "nasty" being put in the paint mix that we needed to protect ourselves from. I did call their tech help line and ask this question but that wasn't to much help; I hoped to get a second opinion from the guys on this forum who may have experience with this paint;
2. Looking at the information on the Restoration Information page, they talk about applying Auscam paint to the last of the Series 3 models still in service. I hoped that someone could verify that this refers just to the "three colour pattern" applied to the vehicles (using the normal enamel paints/colours), not that the Auscam Dispersal Pattern Camouflage (DPC) was applied (as for Perentie's) to some late running S3's, which we need to be really careful of when sanding. Mine was just plain olive drab, with no evidence of camo, so I was assuming it was just olive drab enamel. Does this seem likely? Based on this I was just going to wet-sand it back before the new paint goes on, with no special precautions.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice fellas...