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TD5 ECU useful info....
« on: January 14, 2018, 01:21:40 PM »
I’m assuming all other TD5’s will be like mine.

It taken a long time...should have been sorted way quicker but I got there.

I upgraded to a NNN ECU, I purchased one with a tune, purchased Nanocom and thought it would be a straight forward swap...Er no

110 would only run for a few second and shut done...after discussing issues with the supplier and a couple of posts on AULRO, engaging British Offroad I wasn’t getting anywhere until, I even suggested could it be security related .......somebody eventually asked if the AS10 ECU was fitted. I learned that it should be mounting to the fire wall behind the speedo. Once I confirmed no AS10 ECU a new NNN ECU was sent minus the AS10 programming.

Just swapped the ECU’s today and the defender started and continued to run with the need for a Nanocom. I’m assuming the army requested this so that ECU’s could be replaced in the field with needing a Nanocom.

I have no idea what mods have been done to the MSB ECU.

Interesting that the ECU Serial number has been cut out of the ID Sticker.

Also would be good to know who did the RE-WORKED TORA NO.

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