Author Topic: Placards for workshop platform trailers  (Read 784 times)

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Placards for workshop platform trailers
« on: July 07, 2017, 10:49:20 PM »
I'm seriously considering rebuilding one of my 1/2 Ton Platform Trailers. ARN 173-958 originally an "office" census but the rebuild would convert it to a catering trailer to use with AAVA.

What I'm wondering is if anyone has reproduced the Pressed Metals Corp data plates for the platforms.  173-958 has one on both the platform and on the front chassis outrigger, but the one on the chassis is badly damaged from stone hits and I'd like to replace it.

Out of interest it has a metal top fitted in what appears to be the correct era lustreless olive green but the roof is dead flat.  Has anyone seen in-service builds with a flat roof?
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