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Series 1 - Malaysian-Indonesian Confrontation.
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The Australian 102nd Field Battery served in Borneo between May and August 1965. Equipped with L5 pack howitzers, the battery supported 3 RAR, Ghurkha units, and British Guards and Parachute Regiments.

These photos show an Australian artillery unit utilizing the Series 1 to tow their artillery pieces. The Land Rovers would have been 'borrowed' from the British army but it appears as if a few items have been added to suit their needs.

This Land Rover has been stripped to the waist and mounts two jerry cans to the front. These cans sit on their backs rather than in the usual upright position. Canvas has been draped over the headlights. One wonders how the small Series 1 motor has the oomph to tow the rather large and heavy 1.8 tonne 25 pdr through jungle and mud.

On this Land Rover, the canvas door tops, canopy and hoops have been removed and are lying on the ground. Kit bags etc fill the tub with a couple hanging from the rear. Although it is difficult to see, these Land Rovers towing the L5 Pack Howitzer have a large amount of stores mounted above the driver/passenger. 'Tent poles' have been strapped to the side in a rather rudimentary fashion. You can see an SLR rifle leaning against the tub.

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