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Richard o

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Remlr forum looking good
« on: May 23, 2012, 09:51:49 PM »
Well signed onto the forum today, I like the layout.

I have been a REMLR member for a few years now and while surprised to see the forum move (couldn't find it this morning), I consider it a good move. 

AULRO has been a great home to REMLR over the years and many years of support by Dave aka INC has allowed the profile of the registry to achieve the membership it now has. I would ask all REMLR members to consider AULRO assistance in the same light as REMLR 001 efforts to start it, Richardsís efforts to manage it and the initial committee that helped transition it to where REMLR Inc now is. It is part of the history of REMLR.

I donít think negativity should be applied to the change. I would challenge any scuttlebutt that people or parties have sought to make the forum move. At the end of the day it has moved and its members will create and define the worth of the forum.

Due to work, donít get to spend time looking at the several forums Iím interested in, that I used to. That said I always get inspiration from seeing the efforts of REMLR members, I have learned lots over the years.

Was positive to talk to Masterchief today and hear the plans to focus the forum on LRís and Inters.  The committee lost a good hand in Shonky but Dianna or MC has the ability to fill the gap.

I paid my $5 today as I have done in the past. I would suggest all members or interested parties spend that small amount to financially support the committee in its efforts.

Like digger I love looking at GB porn, well all LRís really, thanks for the spread already tommy. Iím also very happy to see individual sections for LR types, great idea.

Richard will be a busy boy working on the forum, lots of work and I wish him well. Good effort thus far!


Richard O (aka 69gs)