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REMLR wiki file name conventions
« on: April 24, 2015, 11:25:26 AM »
Its been three weeks and I think a file name convention has taken shape.

Wiki pages hold text and images and they have their file title displayed in large font at the top of the screen. If you call your wiki page "12th november bbq saladwith denise" then thats what appears as the heading, at the top. If there was something about your Land Rover Ambulance amongst all the bbq text on that page how would a search easily find it once there are hundreds of pages on the Wiki?

If you give a page a good title at the start, using a convention aka "a name formula" things get much simpler.

Example Wiki page filename:

"50-257"              link

That page is mostly about 50-257 and camping trips and restoration and its auction. Also there are a number of other separate pages I made that are mostly about 50-257. Its like a blog collection. Each of those connected pages have a filename such as "50-257-2015-Mar Corowa Trip". In that filename is a specific vehicle, a year then a month, and a place and an activity. If I ever sell the vehicle the other owner(s) can continue the story of that vehicle -easily-as it is separate to my shed page. see "113-368".

That "113-368" page more of less follows the vehicle. link

A shed page follows the enthusiast.

Example Wiki page filename:

"RC's Shed"                     link

That shed is a blurb where I cover the general sort of stuff and which includes my vehicle collecting etc, and where each vehicle I have looked after is listed by its ARN -and if you click on them to see specific info about the vehicle on its own page - so the Shed files are linking my vehicles and I could even link a friend's vehicle by its ARN if I wished too - say if I attended a "Day Out" with other REMLR members. I could say Dennis' Gunbuggy "112-372" and that would be all I needed to connect to his gunbuggy's page.


Images need a convention as well.

If you have a photo of a Perentie GS, and you upload it to the Wiki with the name perentie-gs.jpg you will have a problem because other people may have an identically named photo already loaded.

Uploading would be a bit of a lottery without using a naming convention. Plus, if we wanted to search for all the photos of a specific Land Rover ARN 112-501, we couldn't do it very easily, without some conventions it would be hard work.

Example Wiki image filename:

"50-257-rc-redhill-apr2015.jpg"                 link

50-257 is the ARN the photo is about.
rc is the initials of the person who has the copyright on the photo. Its one of my snaps, its not from the Qld Jeep Club newsletter or some other IP.
redhill is the place.
april is the month
2015 is the year.

Since ANZAC Day is nearly here and there will be photos to upload of the various parades from members all around, we should be ready and organised to do it once and do it right.

Example Wiki page filename:

"2015 ANZAC Day Warringah-Mackellar"        link

the REMLR wiki has an "Event Galleries" page with a listing for "ANZAC Day Parades" and there's a list of all the years as they go by.
clicking on "2015 ANZAC Day Parades" we should see a page listing all the different states and the events people make pages about. clicking a link there gives you the photo album and the blurb. those album pages should have a name following the convention, eg,

"2015 ANZAC Day Brisbane"
"2015 ANZAC Day Cessnock"
"2015 ANZAC Day Ararat"


Its taken some trial and error but I think this Naming Convention is the way to set up a Wiki with less future headaches.

Comments invited, and any questions as well.
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