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Winch Watch
« on: December 13, 2014, 10:27:01 PM »
Given my desire to acquire a GS with winch, over the coming months until I'm in a position to acquire one, I've decided to keep an eye on all winch equipped GS's, to keep a record of various features, comments on pricing, and how the end prices may 'change' over the next few auctions.

This round, we've got:

50 019, down in SA.
GS w. Winch.
105136k kms on the ODO.
No comments besides the usual "marks, dents, scratches commensurate with age and use"
Early style 'light duty' brush bar, mismatched rear seat cushions but meh, canopy seems to look okay from pics, engine bay looks tidy, might be new paint on the heater box...
Currently on $4609

Then in Minto:

48 930
GS w. Winch.
37078k kms on the ODO
Damaged rear seat cover
Again, light duty brush bar, appears to be odd white staining along the drivers side below the canopy, seems quite faded too, has seat covers, not sure what's up with the steering wheel? Uneven application of armourall perhaps...
Currently on $4709

49 634
GS w. Winch.
14741k kms on the ODO
Damaged canopy
Early style brush bar, bar seems to be bent maybe, rust on the bar and rollers of the winch, paint seems ordinary, definitely looks like newish paint on the heater box.
Currently on $4709

And finally...

49 755
GS w. Winch
69465k kms on the ODO
No comments
Later style 'heavy duty' bumper, looks tidy.
Currently on $3209

My pick would be either 50 019 or 49 755, would probably avoid 49 634 to be honest. I'd expect the SA one to go for the most, probably because it's the only one in SA like it! Out of the Minto lot, probably 49 755. Will keep watch and post up final prices.
Also, if anyone else spots anything in the pics please feel free to post up, I've probably missed a bit  ;D

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Re: Winch Watch
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2014, 01:30:01 AM »
Well, I was surprised!

SA had the best price of $7,429 after buyers tax (IIRC) on 50019. (Auction price $7009)

49755 went for $10,291 ($9709)

49634 and 48930 both went for $10,397. (Auction price $9809)

Average price of this lot was $9,628.

Average price for the previous lot was $9,019.

Will be interesting to see how future ones go!
A trip back from SA might be on the cards when I go looking for mine...  8)