Author Topic: Ex Army Unimogs for Sale  (Read 3443 times)

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Ex Army Unimogs for Sale
« on: December 03, 2013, 11:58:32 PM »
Looking at previous post regarding the Ex Army Unimogs I would like to correct some of the inaccuracies that have been posted. All the Ex Australian Army Unimogs were built here in Australia by Mercedes Benz Australia and are definitely fitted with Australian ADR Compliance Plates. Many have already been registered in different states. As they were factory built with the trays fitted a J1 certification is not required. Same applies for the P1 certification for the towing pintle, and the Q1 crane truck version. The ADF intend keeping the Mogs in service until at least 2020 so most of the Non-Going units have been ratted for parts. I suggest getting a thourough inspection by someone who knows their way around Mogs before buying. I have contacted Defence Disposals and they advise that they will not be selling any spares until after 2020 when the last Mogs will come out of service. However, all parts are available through MB Australia. Prices are a bit eratic as some parts a quite cheap and some others that you might think should be cheap seem to be made of gold. I advise shopping around as there are many parts that are not unique to MB and can be bought from various truck parts suppliers. If you buy one be prepared for the fact that they are a bit slow on the highway. Generally 90 klm tops. But get them off road and there is practically nowhere they won't go with ease. Best fun you can have with you pants on.