Author Topic: Do you need parts from the UK  (Read 1821 times)

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Do you need parts from the UK
« on: May 25, 2012, 04:19:42 PM »
I have a LCL shipment leaving soon from the UK, if you require any parts that i can source, or you have something of your own, then theres a opportunity to ship with my load.

This is only LCL this time, so no full size land rovers allowed, however, I am bring over a 101 in a few months this will be in a 20ft container, but if theres another land rover involved i can change to 40ft...

PM, or email for further information...
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Re: Do you need parts from the UK
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2012, 10:00:40 PM »
Uhhhhmmmmm....whats an LCL shipment?

I know there are thousands of ya out there just too frightened to ask that question.
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Re: Do you need parts from the UK
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2012, 03:48:38 PM »
Hello Rob,

Yes I wondered too ... and found this on the internet - sounds a reasonable explanation too...

There are two kinds of ocean shipments: LCL and FCL. FCL = Full Container Load. LCL = Less Container Load. An LCL container has more than one company's goods in it, so it's more expensive to ship because the freight company has to do more work. Many companies won't ship things LCL--they'll wait until they've got enough orders to fill a 20-foot container, then fulfill them all at once.Read more: Accessed 23rd July 2012

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