Author Topic: Inter Crane Trucks  (Read 9396 times)

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Re: Inter Crane Trucks
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Re: Inter Crane Trucks
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None of the truck cranes used had pull out outriggers,and that combined with the height of the chassis,would have made using them quite tricky.Once the truck is tipped over the outrigger ground point,it quickly becomes unstable.Every 4x4 I have seen fitted with a crane has had some chassis damage,usually a downward bend at the fixed anchor point.As mentioned ,a winch accident can destroy a 4x4 chassis in about 10 seconds after drive off.The 6x6 chassis is double wrapped,and probably close to twice as strong.Tippers with a full(about 4cu yd) load put a lot of stress on the rear suspension ,and you can hear creaking and groaning as you drive slowly on rough ground.The 6x6 winch has an ignition cutout,so damage caused would be pretty intentional.(The 4x4 has a shear pin)