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Title: New to REMLR
Post by: gazpa on February 03, 2021, 09:35:48 PM
Howdy everyone, my name is Garry, I have a 101, second I've had, the first was in the early 90's and this one was bought, off Gumtree, as a non running project car, it;s the ex- Brad Smith car. The old girl had sat in an open carport in Newcastle for 17 or 18 years and the elements weren't kind to her. When I finally woke her up after a further 4 years the engine died, I went chasing rebuild parts, it was a Leyland 4.4, mains weren't available, cam was cactus, rings were broken, pretty sure the transfer case had major dramas.... coming out of a roundabout, one Friday arvo about 4pm everything locked solid, the surrounding traffic weren't understanding voicing their disapproval saying some very rude things. Please don't hate me.... after previously living with a 101 as daily transport for 4 years I decided to update and modify my car. she now has a Defender 300TDI front axle, 110 drum brake rear axle, Perentie LT95 with the 101 bellhousing. The biggest change is the EFI Ford Windsor, an AU3 Tickford 220kw. The car is now 12v, with a mostly new wiring loom. All parts removed from the car have been kept and stored so if anyone could prise the car from my cold dead hands they could totally restore 96200041A, 29-421. With the car I got a spare set of doors, which I suspect were the originals as the ones on her at present are notated with NATO supply numbers. on the other drivers door is a marking, in black, a missle with crossed swords and 110 below, significance? Currently parts are glossy olive drab but most is sun bleached. I'd like to repaint her because so much has lifted off. Sorry about the jumbled mess besides being a work hermit I'm also a bit of a computer muppet. I'll stop rambling now, cheers.
Title: Re: New to REMLR
Post by: Notlongnow on February 07, 2021, 11:48:03 AM
Yeah, well if I had done all those non-original mods to my 101 I would probably still have it. Yours is probably one of the best-driving 101's around, and I imagine it would be even more economical than with the original engine!
Title: Re: New to REMLR
Post by: Mick_Marsh on February 07, 2021, 09:39:11 PM
Welcome to the forum.

"a missile with crossed swords and 110 below"

An air defence unit. 16AD.
Title: Re: New to REMLR
Post by: gazpa on February 07, 2021, 10:23:06 PM
Thanks Notlongnow and Mick_Marsh. There was a couple of mods I'd forgotten to mention.... most important is the 2 pieces of 16mm plate between the wheel arches, 985 x 1210 which weigh a total of about 300 kg, helps settle the rear a bit, with the spare mounted on the plate. I've also added ram assist power steering, Heystee from the Netherlands, to take some of the load of the freshly rebuilt steering box, we also used a proper narrow section seal on the sector shaft instead of the o-ring, like what you use on a smallish hydraulic motor. As part of the engineering requirements I had to have a collapsible steering column, so a local engineering firm and I kicked some ideas around, a telescoping style wasn't gonna work because of the steep angle. We cut the column and put a universal at floor level, I then remade the upper bracket and mounts to push forwards in a prang, never mind that your feet would be cactus, and used a SAAS steering wheel that would deform at the same time thus satisfying the engineer for the collapsible component of the law. I've  also added cruise control, after all the car is gonna get plenty of use, I can be a dickhead driver so cruise will help keep my license reasonably intact. With my previous 101 I struggled to get 10mpg but with the EFI Windsor, around town I'm getting about 14mpg, haven't had much of a chance to take a big run yet. Currently the old girl is a bit overgeared with 3.45 diffs and a .996 Perentie LT95, trying to peg it back a little I've got smaller tyres, 265/75 16 0n modified Discovery rims, moved the centres for about 22mm more offset per wheel to keep the track about the same. Thanks for listening/reading, the chooks have gone to bed , so I'm off too, Cheers.