The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Formation Signs and Vehicle Markings of the Australian Army


1996 - Initial 'buzz' about Steve's project:

Steve T. has served in the Army (mostly RACT) for 20 years full-time and reached the rank of WO1. He was always interested in Australian Army and 'Truckie corps' heritage --in particular wartime standing orders regarding formation signs and vehicle markings... and he began organising the info for posterity. Steve found out that the Australian Army sponsored research in military history studies. As his draft manuscript has some areas which could be improved he has decided to apply for sponsorship, to encompass the 1920's and 1930's, as well as some extra details of the 1949 period. The reason this information was not in the final draft was simply that he could not afford the expense of travel to the various states to gather the information. Therefore if his application is accepted, the book will be even better and more comprehensive. The drawback is that the book printing will be delayed until late August. Steve is sorry for the inconvenience and hopes we will understand his desire that the book be as complete as possible before the printing...

Steve has confirmed that he now has firm orders for over 85 copies and will be printing 100 copies. The hardbound cover is to have gold printing, and a higher grade of paper has been selected.

Unit sign Unit sign Unit sign

1997 - Progress update:

Steve advises that the book has been further expanded to include 32 colour pages, and information extended to 1983. The interstate research has been rewarded. Another increase in price however, to $86, after a brush from the law. To publish in Australia, the law requires that a copy be deposited with the State Library (Qld in this case), State Parliamentary Library, National Library and in this case a copy also goes to the National War Memorial and a copy to the Army (all subsidised by other purchasers). Still 100 copies have been confirmed as printed already (sighted admiringly by Kevin Hicks) and as at today are awaiting binding only. All those who have ordered a copy, send in your money immediately please if you haven't already. Books will be dispatched before Christmas.

1st Australian Task Force Vietnam Formation sign 2nd Div Formation sign

1997 - Released to customers:

It's now available. This information has never before been collated, checked, authenticated and made available in a "Civilian" book.

With the aid of this book you or your club can (correctly) decipher old photos in your collections and correct whatever markings are currently on your restored Australian Army vehicle or equipment.

The book has three parts:

  • Part one "Formation & Divisional Signs" is the authors explainations of emblems (some from the officers who designed them) etc.

  • Part two "Vehicle Unit Signs" is wholly reproduced Army "Instructions" verbatim (even with typo's) from Steven's huge "20 years in the making" collection.

  • Part three "Miscellaneous Information" is a collection of orders in relation to class letters, Tare weights, Pennants, Army Rego Numbers (ARNs), Staff cars ensignia etc.

Information disclosed has been presented to correct channels and approved for release. Printed & published December 12 1997. Colour and b/w reproductions of Tacs etc (374 A4 size pages): A$100 + postage.

2004: Still available in 'e' format:

Some 10 or 15 'revised' editions of the book were printed up and sold to special order. These copies had extra pages in 'Part Three' such as drawings of Staff Officers and Ceremonial markings etc.

Also Steve made up some A3 size posters of the various tacs and they were primarily for personal use - and expensive to make. Over the years other people have asked about buying the book, and Steve considered --and costed-- another print run but it was cost prohibitive.

Now in 2004 Steve offers the whole book in CD-ROM format (Adobe Acrobat files) for $150. You can contact the author and place an order. The contact address is 'Army CD-ROM', S.C. Taubert, 20 Friarbird Drive, Narangba, Queensland, Australia 4504.


Formation & Marking signs guide Usual markings & signs on Series 2 & 2A:
  1. Unit Marking tac sign

  2. Army Registration Number plate

  3. Bridge Weight Classification plate

  4. Divisional / Formation tac sign

custom diagram for REMLR


More details on Australian Military Land-Rovers fleet numbers and paint schemes.

Info about the REMLR TAC signs


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