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09.02.2024 - Another Year, Another Update? Ok, I have been busy updating a significant portion of the ARN Database including filling in many of the blanks in the 25-000 to 37-000 registries. For the most part I've just been adding the vehicle type so that people looking for other vehicles can then look at the Modern ARN Ledgers that we have online as a (mostly) whole. This also populates a LOT more information into the ARN by Manufacturer section as well as the Overall ARN pages.

I have also made a similarly important addition to the Perentie ARN's section adding a document that lists the entirety of the Perentie Production. It does not include the later Bushranger built vehicles, but it certainly fills some of the gaps in the ARN listings that I am in the process of filling in. There will be a few other perentie documents added in following days so keep an eye out.


24.03.2021 - Really, more than a calendar year since an update? Well not really, there has been much recording of information in the database, but this is another update in the form of a small page about the Mini Moke's time in the Australian Army, find the details here Leyland Moke


02.06.2019 - Added a page of photos taken by an unknown NZ soldier in SVN showing various vehicles and places. NZ in SVN page is where you can find the photos.


12.02.2019 - Added the final documents on vehicle movements to the Modern ARN Ledgers page.


23.11.2018 - More documents noting vehicle movements between units has been added to the Modern ARN Ledgers page.


04.10.2018 - The last few days I have updated the User Handbook and Repair Parts Scale pages to include a large number of documents that have been available through the Australian Frontline Machinery website so that they are available here in perpetuity.


06.09.2018 - The addition of details from the current auctions continues, however today I have added a page that I have overlooked somehow. A record of all vehicles known to have been sent to Vietnam during the Vietnam War that we have confirmed to date. They can be found on the Vietnam War ARN's page or their own page on All Vietnam ARN's


05.03.2018 - Added a page of photos showing Land Rovers, International Trucks and Studebaker trucks taken by Colin McDairmaid while serving at 18 LAAD Regiment.

01.03.2018 - Another year another entry. I have updated the Supply Shed with details for Ultimate Fibreglass who are able to manufacture a range of Perentie 4x4 and 6x6 parts.


20.092017 - Added today is a fascinating document which is the Technical Description for the Perentie 6x6 produced by Land Rover. Find it now on the Perentie Brochures and Documents page. The Perentie Project page has also been updated with the youtube video of these vehicles produced by Land Rover.

07.09.2017 - The last of the Modern ARN Ledgers have been added to that page. However the 25-35 ledger is incomplete and missing many sections. If you have copies of any of these pages please email them to me at


28.08.2017 - Two more of the Modern ARN Ledgers have been uploaded, only one ARN ledger is not yet online.
24.08.2017 - The first two of the documents found with the Modern ARN Ledgers have been put online, namely the ARN Allocations and the book detailing the vehicle Census codes.
22.08.2017 - The auction recording continues, and I have added a new page of informations to the ARN Index page for the Modern ARN Ledgers. I hope to make available the complete ARN books as well as other related documents in the near future in a similar fashion to the AWM website.


08.03.2017 - Ok 2017 and this looks pretty bad but I am back in the seat. I have added another page of User Handbooks (also called Technical Manuals) to the Library page of REMLR. I gave also included the new cover page that will be updated on to all existing files to help point people to REMLR that may not know where it came from. Of course the cataloging of information from the auctions has continued on behind the scenes as well so keep an eye on the ARN listings at they automatically update.


11.01.2016 - 2016, I mean really! Ok, I have been fairly sedentary for a few reason, motivation being one. However I have not been completely idle with auctions being cataloged and added to the database during this time. I am trying to get back into doing more updates, so keep your eyes open. Firstly an update to the contacts for the Tasmanian military vehicle clubs on the Clubs guide page. I have also repaired the links to the 101 FC RPS documents on the Repair Parts Schedule page. Updated details on the vehicle described as Rhondas Shed on the Civy Land Rover 6x6 listing.


17.04.2015 - April is here already! it has been a slower year with the first auction of the year was delayed until March. In other news part of that time I spent working on a new REMLR Wiki where you the average person can contribute directly to the pages of this website. This will not be replacing the website, but augmenting some areas, and replacing others. One such example is the Members Sheds / Restorations pages so that on the new wiki members can directly update information and photos in the Wiki REMLR Sheds . For a time they will exist side by side until replaced when all of the information has been carried across. So head over to the wiki and have a look!


12.12.2014 - One more Christmas present for the 6x6 owners, this time the book is PUBR002, the combined parts book for the Perentie 6x6 models which, like the others, can be found on the RPS page.

11.12.2014 - I have done a significant update to many sections of the Database that contain the Bushranger build vehicles, finally separating them form the Perentie build vehicles in the Model columns. Another early preset has come the way of Bushranger 6x6 model owners is the parts book PUBR005 on the RPS page which shows parts specific to the Infantry Carrier, Mortar Carrier and Assault Pioneer models. It does not include the vehicles that these variants are based on.

04.12.2014 - Has it really been 2 months! However the wait has been worth it in one respect. I have updated the Articles page which had a number of broken links to articles. They should all be working now.

The big news is on the RPS (or Repair Parts Scales) page because we have been able to publish a Land Rover parts book from 1999 showing all the parts for the Perentie 4x4 models. You will also notice that we have tried some new security measures on this document to try and avoid people selling the file for profit when it is available here for free. The title page is the most noticeable of these measures. However Land Rover will pursue people trying to make a profit from this document. It's down the bottom of the page and it's manual number is PUBR001, ENJOY!


22.09.2014 - I have created a page of information about the Perentie Initial Production Vehicles complete with some information and photos. Enjoy!

04.09.2014 - Is it really september already? While the website may appear to have had few updates, the Database behind the ARN pages has constantly been updated. Since the AFM auctions began for the 110 fleet, some 2,200 Land Rovers, Trucks, Trailers and Bikes have been added to the database. Quite a few when you look at it. From memory the number sold around the place when the auctions began was 12,000 vehicles total, so I suppose that means i'm about 1/6th of the way there! On real updates, today I added some photos of two Development vehicles for what became the Perentie 110 to the Project Perentie Trials, Prototype and Development Vehicles page.


25.06.2014 - I have added a number of pages to the ARN lists for the Perentie 110 vehicles, Namely pages for the different variants. Check it out at the Land Rover Perentie 110 ARN page.

18.06.2014 - It was pointed to me the other day that no Series 3 EMEI's were online currently, so I have rectified that by putting ALL the Series 3 Land Rover EMEI's that we have online. We believe that we have all the EMEI's that were issued for these vehicles, but as always, if you know of more, please let us know. This includes workshop manuals, modification and inspection instructions and a summary of the Modification Plate modifications.

06.06.2014 - Updated the 6 Tropical Trials page as some photos could not be clicked on to see the larger versions. The same problem had been happening on the Army Trials and Timeline page for 1964/65. Some photos from other parts of the REMLR website have been added to the page of photos from John Bamford. About 30 new photos have been added to a page of photos from Neil Abrahams detailing his time at the Tropical Trials Unit.

02.06.2014 - June, is it really June already! Anyway, another addition to the Perentie/Bushranger index, this time the Perentie 6x6 Air Defence variant.


30.05.2014 - Added all the Series 2 EMEI's to the Series 2 EMEI page, this is a significant number of documents that have not been online on REMLR before.

27.05.2014 - More of the Perentie/Bushranger index has been filled out with pages for the Land Rover 6x6 Assault Pioneer, Mortar Carrier , Direct Fire Weapons and Infantry Carrier added and updated.

23.05.2014 - I have of course been continuing to update the Database with vehicles appearing at auction, however I have also found time to create a page of information about the Land Rover 6x6 Infantry Carrier built under the Bushranger build.

12.05.2014 - Updated the Perentie Information page to include model numbers and production numbers of various types, something missing from previous information about the Perentie and Bushranger project built Land Rovers.

07.05.2014 - Updated the paint scheme page to add some photos and information from Rocky Hema about vehicles with the 3rd Task Force / 3rd Brigade in Townsville.


09.04.2014 - More vehicles have been added to the listing of Civilian 6x6 Land Rovers that were built by Land Rover Australia. I have updated the Paint Schemes and Camouflage page to include information about stick on camouflage.

04.04.2014 - I have updated the Colour Schemes and Paint page again to show an image of the colour standard swatch and the cover page. Updated is the F5 Wrecker page in the Army Inter Chapter. A not so happy WO2 now features on the 110 GS page. More photos of plates have been added to the Number Plates page. Added more photos from Land Rover to the Perentie 6x6 GMV page.

03.04.2014 - Added a page of Photos, and a little information, about the Series 2A and 2B Forward Control Land Rovers to the Forward Control Index page. I have also updated some information on the page of photos showing a 101 Land Rover and Rapier unit when it was fairly new. I have also updated some links on the Association's page. I have updated the Colour Schemes and Paint page with information about the colour standard that REMLR was lucky enough to be given an original of. I have updated a number of dead links on the Links page.


14.03.2014 - Added a page about Vehicle Radio Installations including a range of manuals for installing the Larkspur radios into Land Rovers.

13.03.2014 - Added a page of information and photos of the Austin Champ

07.03.2014 - With the recent acquisition of some interesting contract documents and numbers, I have put together a page of information relating to the number of Land Rover's Ordered and built for the Australian Defence Forces. Check it out on the Land Rover Contracts and Numbers page which has been placed on the ARN Index page,

04.03.2014 - I have expanded on some of the information on the 110 Perentie RFSV page including information on 48-002 and 48-003 which not only were Initial Production Vehicles, but effectively the prototypes for the RFSV variant.

03.03.2014 - Added a page of photos and information on the Leyland Mastiff that was trialled against a Mack and Hino (and history shows that the Mack was the winner, and are currently being disposed of). Also added some vehicles to the 115-000+ range of ARN's, in this instance, Ferrets. Added a specific ARN page for the M548 Tracked Load Carrier, or Tilley. So if you have a ferret, or a photo of a ferret or tilley, send the information in to us.


28.02.2014 - A new page of information and photos have been added to detail the vehicles used on the Bush Tucker Man television series, this is separate to the Bush Tucker Man Notes page. Also updated is the Strange tale of 50-501 502 503 including more photos and information.

25.02.2014 - I have updated the Command Post FFR page with more photos and information about the two vehicles. Also unique because they are the only variant where every example of the type is owned by REMLR registrants.

24.02.2014 - I have added a page for the Defender 130 to the new Land Rover 110 and 130 index page. I will have a new image for the navigation bar as soon as I get a chance to make one. I have also added more photos of the Sallyman 130 to the Salvation Army page and some advertisements to the Adverts page. A small amount of information has been added to the Land Rover Discovery page as well.

21.02.2014 - Added a Leyland Army Land Rover Parts book to the Repair Parts Schedule page. This interesting document was published as a supplement to the civilian parts book detailing the parts used on the Army Series 3 models. I have also added a new page and photos of the Series 2 Workshop Prototypes that I know some members will love. I have added some chassis photos to the Perentie Information page.

19.02.2014 - I have added and updated some information and vehicle details on the Perentie Project page, and the Perentie Trials and Prototype Vehicles page. I have also added ore photos of the Brand New Series 2A to the 2a Land Rover PR Photos page.

12.02.2014 - I have updated the Series 3 88in page with some further information. I have also updated the Specifications page to include the Series 3 Land Rover specifications.

11.02.2014 - Updated the Perentie FFR page with some photos from Land Rover Australia of the Engineering Development vehicle and a new FFR on display. Updated the Technical Drawings page to include some more Ambulance Drawings.

07.02.2014 - Some more Perentie/Bushranger vehicle pages added to the 110 Perentie Index today. Added are the Personnel Carrier, Survey vehicle, 6x6 General service and 6x6 Ambulance. The 6x6 General Maintenance vehicle has also had some updates to it's information.

06.02.2014 - Due to having some of this half way done before and never finishing, I've been able to punch out the Command Post FFR and Senior Commander variants today as well.

06.02.2014 - Welcome to 2014, i've finally arrived. There has been a lot of database work etc since my last update as a few auctions at AFM have come and gone and there is a reasonable amount of work that goes in to recording all the information and saving the photos. The point of today's update is that I have finally started work on pages for each of the variants of the Land Rover 110 Perentie Fleet. We are hoping to have pages for each variant with reference photos and information about their roles and configurations where we have it. Today I have gotten up the 4x4 General Service and 4x4 Fitted For Radio Variants and have added them to the 110 Perentie Index.


24/12/2013 - More updates, this time some hereto unseen photos of a rebuilt Series 2 Ambulance prototype. The same goes for the Series 2a Carryall of which we had 1 very good photograph, but now there is 3 fabulous ones of the same vehicle at PMC Enfield.

24.12.2013 - Believe it or not, another update today! Firstly, we have some photos of the Perentie 6x6 GMV's sent to us a while back by Darrin Wright. Next, the belated, but finally here article on How to fix a Fuel Tank by Charlie Myres. Finally there is now a page for the Series 3 Maintenance Vehicle, with photos sent in by Phillip Hastings.

23.12.2013 - Updated KJ's Shed, the first shed update or addition in a while! Also added another vehicle to the Civilian 6x6 Page. Added Land Rover Series 2/2a Ambulance drawings to the Technical Drawings page.

10.12.2013 - Added a number of manuals to the system today. User handbook for the F1 and F2 Trucks, Workshop Manuals to the EMEI pages for Isuzu Engines, Wiring Layouts for the International Mk.3, Workshop manuals for the 4x4 Land Rover 110. Also parts books for the Mk.4 and International F1/F2 trucks to the Repair Parts Schedule page.


05.09.2013 - Added the Phase 1 and Phase 2 test reports and photos from the 1958/59 Testing of 1/4 Ton 4x4 vehicles for the Australian Army. A big thank you to Ian P for finding the report in the National Archives and pointing them out to me.

04.09.2013 - Updated the Civilian 6x6 Page with 2 more vehicles.

02.09.2013 - Spring has sprung, and so have three brand new pages on The RFSV, SRV and SRV(SF) pages have arrived to help alleviate confusion between these models, as well as give us mere mortals something to drool over!


26.08.2013 - Added a number of parts books to the Repair Parts Schedule page.

01.08.2013 - The redesign of the website navigation has been launched tonight. All the old information is still here, just some of it looks a little different, or is in a slightly different place. if you find any problems, please let me know.


19.07.2013 - A fascinating article about the changes made to Land Rover 6x6 50-501, 50-502 and 50-503 as well as a number of photos have been added to the Land Rover Project Perentie Vehicles Page.


31.05.2013 - Some additions have been made to the Repair Parts Schedule (RPS) page.  Specifically the Series 3 FFR and Workshop Variants with more to be added soon.

31.05.2013 - I have made a few updates to the Articles page, correcting dates, and adding a couple of extra articles.

25.05.2013 - Given the information appearing with vehicles being Auctioned by Australian Frontline Machinery, we have been adding all vehicles from auctions to our database with as much information as we can. Why? because unlike older paper records that can be kept, digital records used today are just deleted, and it amy be the only chance to capture this information. And because of that, a lot more manufacturers now have entries in the ARN Manufacturers Listings as well as the 200-000 upwards registrations being broken into 200, 202, 207 sections etc like the other ARN's, rather than just 200+ .


13.04.2012 - The REMLR Inc page has been updated with the 2013 AGM Minutes, and updated committee and REMLR positions. The Bush Tucker Man Notes page has also been updated to reflect a link to the new official BTM website.

12.04.2013 - The Vehicle Markings page has been updated with vehicle and unit markings from Vietnam.

05.04.2013 - There has been a lot more work on identifying vietnam vehicles done by Ross C and Richard G, the fruits of which can be seen on the Vietnam ARN page. In some variants we are getting quite close to the numbers from Michael Cecil's Mud and Dust. The Vehicle Markings page has also been updated..


20.03.2013 - As some of you may be aware Ross C, the original creator of the REMLR website, has once again come back into the fold and is working on vehicle research. Our particular focus at the moment, apart from the Auctions of Current vehicles by Australian Frontline Machinery, is on Vietnam vehicles. For a while I have been adding information to help separate vehicles that served in Vietnam out of the existing database. And today I have finally finished the pages that interrogate the database in that way. The list of vehicles is only what we know of at the mom tent, so we know it is incomplete, but we are working towards a finite list of vehicles that served in Vietnam. See the Vietnam ARN page for more details.


26.02.2013 - As some of you may have seen, Australian Frontline Machinery has started selling Land Rovers, Trailers, Unimogs, Macks and other vehicles as a part of the Australian Army's replacement of it's current fleet consisting of some 10,000 vehicles and trailers. The Auctions are online at Greys Online, but there are links on the website. We are trying to keep up with the Auctions and update the database with new information as it comes to hand, but it is a lot of work, so please be patient. Also, if anybody wants to buy me a present, I'll have a Hardtop 4x4 Land Rover, then a 6x6 Ambulance, then maybe a 6x6 GS ;)

09.02.2013 - A small update, the Complete Equipment Schedule page has been updated with a number of workshop vehicle and trailer CES documents.


15.01.2013 - Has it really been that long since an update!!! Ok, time to start to get back into it! A Timeline page has been added to the Fleet Information Index. In time this will chronologically list developments in the Land Rover's history with the Australian Army.


29.10.2012 - The 172-000+ range of ARN's has been updated to include more International Trucks. The Acco ARN page has been updated to reflect known numbers of Australian No.1 Trucks. A number of previously unidentified trucks have been identified as well.

24.1.2012 - The 171-000+ range of ARN's has been updated to include a lot more International Trucks. We are finally getting close to having complete lists for all International No.1 Mk.1, Mk.2, Mk.3, Mk.4 and 6x6 models.


25.09.2012 - 108, 109, 137, 171. Of interest ARN 171-665, a 6x6 International on loan to the AWM from Bandiana, was actually fitted out for Unit, Bulk Refueling Equipment.

21.09.2012 - 180-000+ range has been updated with more International Trucks, and the 181-000+ range has been added with mostly International Trucks.

10.09.2012 - The 178-000+ range of ARN's has been updated and added to. the NZ ARN pages have also been updated with the NZ fleet being added to the ARN Index as well as now being available ordered by ARN or ordered by NZ No.

09.09.2012 - 176-000+ range of ARN's has had a number of vehicles added to it, including F1 and F2 Internationals, Diamond Reo's and others.

08.09.2012 - 108, 116 and a few other ranges of ARN's have received updates and additions this week.


20.07.2012 - Life has been busy, so there is little to update. I have added an Asset Register to the REMLR Inc page. The register is not complete, and will update as the database is updated.


29.05.2012 - The Bank account for REMLR has now been set up, so if you are paying Membership fees or purchasing something, please note the change of details on the Shop page, as well as the Incorporation page. The Minutes for the AGM have also now gone online.

25.05.2012 - the 177-000+ range of ARN's has had some additions with Horndraulic Trailers, Mk.4 and F1 Internationals and Diamond Reo Trucks all added to the list as well as some corrections to some FFT and other Land Rovers.

21.05.2012 - The REMLR forums have migrated to a new home as a part of this website as of today so if you are having trouble finding it, or you know others that are, find us over at


20.04.2012 - The 174-000+ range of ARN's has had a refresh, as has the 175-000+ range. A number of Mk.4, F1, F2 and C1510 International Trucks have been added to those ranges of ARN's. The Army Inter Homepage has had an update as well adding some ARN pages for a few models that previously had not ben included as well as a No.1 Mk.1 and Mk.2 information tidy up.

11.04.2012 - Life has been busy, but I am still doing things where I can. The 107-000+ range, whilst not complete, has received a major update. Amongst which is the majority of the No.1 Mk.1 and Mk.2 International Trucks. And for those that haven't already found it, and are into facebook, we do have a page on facebook replacing the old group.


21.02.2012 - The 47-000+range of vehicles have now been completed, all 1000 of them. However don't get too excited, these are from the late 1980's, when the digital record keeping was being introduced, so many of the vehicles in here have no information even as to what make they are, let alone which chassis number.

16.02.2012 - Firstly, a target that has been getting tantalisingly closer of late has finally been surpassed. Yes, we have exceeded 20,000 vehicles and trailers in our database !!!!! In other news, the 176-000+ range has had a review and an update, including the addition of more VW Vans, more No.5 Trailers, more Diamond Reo and more Leyland Contractors.

13.02.2012 - The 174-000+ range of ARN's has been looked over also, and some F1 and F1 International trucks have been added as well as some Dodge cars. Also some Topo Survey Land rovers were incorrectly identified, and some others not identified at all.

13.02.2012 - The 173-000+ range of ARN's has had a review with little change. A few Radar Loading trailers have been identified a little more accurately now, and as only trailers have the census code of 6024 B, C and D, it seems that those codes would be for trailers, and not trucks. Some more semi trailers are also now added.

10.02.2012 - The 172-000+ range of ARN's has been reviewed and updated. so far only one EVA unit identified as a GS previously has been amended. Two Topographical Survey vehicles that had been noted as GS vehicles have also been amended. There was a few unidentified Fitted with Stretcher Frame vehicles as well. Amongst this range some Leyland Contractors have also been added. Some International F2 Tippers in this range have also been added.

07.02.2012 - The 153-000+ and 154-000+ range of ARN's have been updated with little change for the most part.

04.02.2021 - The 114-000+ range of ARN's has been revised and updated. again, some incorrect workshop vehicles. A couple of topo survey vehicles identified incorrectly as FFT's. And for good measure i've added a listing of just the Carryall vehicles. Importantly a number of vehicles listed in the 114 range of Ambulances, are not noted as ambulances at all, but Chassis, Truck, 3/4 Ton, GS (Census 6238). It is unknown exactly what the story here is, it could be an error in notation, or changes to the vehicles along the line, but for now notations will be made to reflect the possibility that these are indeed not ambulances.

03.02.2012 - The 113-000+ range of ARN's has had some updates and corrections. Only a few minor changes, some Census code suffixes missing, and a couple of incorrect workshop trucks.

02.02.2012 - The 112-000+ range of ARN's has had an update and some corrections. A number of workshop vehicles had incorrect census codes, and a number of vehicles transcribed as GS vehicles were actually Topographical Survey vehicles, and some of them were converted back to Census 6028, General Service specification. 112-862 is an interesting workshop that had an incorrect census code noted. The notation written down was actually Shop Equipment, Truck Mounted, 3/4 Ton, GS, Without Frame Cover Vehicle Body.

01.02.2012 - the 108-000+ range of ARN's has had an update and some revisions and additions. The 110-000+ and 111-000+ range has also had an update. A number of workshop vehicles had wrong numbers listed or presumed, probably stemming from before we had a definitive list of Census codes. Also confusion around the delivered census code when nothing was listed in the AWM books. One final note of interest as the tyre sizes are added, vehicle 111-846, which is a General Service between a batch of Command Recon and FFW vehicles. Interesting because it is on it's own, and fitted with 900x16 tyres instead of the usual 750x16 tyres. The Abbreviations page has also had some updates.


11.01.2012 - Happy new year everybody!!! A number of additions and updates have been made to the Registers. Some workshop platform Trailers have been added to the 177-000+ and 178-000+ range of registrations as well as updating many of the Mk.4 International Trucks in the 178-000+ range.


13.12.2011 - Also updated, a number of pages in the Army Inter Chapter for other inter types which interrogates the live database rather than a static page. Head over to the army Inter chapter to see the changes.

13.12.2011 - I have now reviewed, corrected and updated the 171 range of ARN's. So have a look and see what has been added. there is still some gaps, but we almost have all of the vehicles in this range.

13.12.2011 - Whilst I have been merrily working away on the 171-??? range of ARN's to update and add more information, nothing has been happening much on the front end of the REMLR website. However the other day I received a Christmas Present from the Rover Australia vaults in the form of some excellent photographs of Gunbuggies, so check them out on the new In Action - Gunbuggy page. I expect more pages will appear in time or Land Rovers doing their thing whilst in the Army, and they can be found in the Reference Pics index.


17.11.2011 - The 170 range of ARN's have been completely updated with disposal dates and other information as well as some significant error checking having occurred. So if you have a vehicle in that range, check it out.

17.11.2011 - The TD5 EMEI page as well as the TD5 page have had some updates and inclusions. The Trailers EMEI page has also had a raft of additions.

16.11.2011 - The TD5 page has been updated with new information and links, and all registrations will be online by later today.

16.11.2011 - After a bit of a break away from things (and I've still been doing things on the database in the background) I thought it was about time I did some updates to the website. The Library has had some additions that should interest both our older followers, as well as the younger ones who have purchased some of the recently released TD5 Remediation vehicles. The Complete Equipment Schedules page has been added alongside the Visual CES page that we already have. This lists a number of vehicles form the Command recon through to the TD5. The Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Instructions page has now been updated significantly to give space to add a range of the documents that are only in our offline library for now. This will increase its online range in coming weeks. Repair Parts Schedules are an invaluable tool in restorations, and this page now has a number of the documents that are small enough to go online. Exciting inclusions to this page includes a 1959 Command recon list, as well as the MY2000 and MY2005 TD5 parts lists. We are hoping to have some user handbooks online soon as well.


19.08.2011 - I have changed my contact address on this site to

15.08.2011 - Added some more drawings to the Technical Drawings page located in The Library

10.08.2011 - A number of pages have been added in the same idea as the All ARN's pages, except in this case covering vehicles of different Manufacturer.

08.08.2011 - Added a page with information and photos of UN Deployments

02.08.2011 - A page of information about Series 2a Workshop Hard Top Conversions has been added as well as more drawings to the Technical Drawings page, specifically the various Iterations of the Canopy Drawings.


29.07.2011 - More census codes have been uploaded and are displaying ont he census codes page below. Also updated is the page of Justin's Photos and the Land Rover Wreckers page gas been updated with more identified Land Rover Wreckers. The Vietnam Veterans Museum Page has had some minor updates and Finally, I have added a page about the ERV Converted Land Rover Ambulances. Not 100% fact, but what we know at the moment.

22.07.2011 - A listing of All Census Codes in the REMLR Database has been added to the ARN Index

22.07.2011 - A page about Land Rover Wreckers has been added to the Variants Index.

15.07.2011 - A large number have been added to REMLR to form the Army Registration Number Register. This listing of pages simply shows what is in the REMLR database in any given range of registration numbers. It is intended to be of use to a broader range of Military Vehicle Enthusiasts as further information is added to the database. This page can be found on the ARN's index.

05.07.2011 - Added a number of adverts to the Advertisements page as well as added ore articles to the Articles page

04.07.2011 - Made a significant upgrade to the Articles page including the addition of a number of articles.


20.06.2011 - Added the series 3 Workshop Data Plate photos to the Data Plates page


16.05.2011 - Added a page about Vehicle Trials and Timelines which includes information, photos and timelines of Land Rover vehicles, as well as others, Trailed by the Australian Army. This page includes some new photos, and will include further photos as time goes on.


06.04.2011 - I've added a page of information and documents about REMLR Inc. Added a large page of information about the Army Design Establishment and it's associated trials to The Library

01.04.2011 - No, it's not an April Fools, this is a legitimate update! I am revising the navigation of the REMLR website in order to make it easier to find information. IT's a bit of a step away from the older style, but I think it works well. The Library is a new page with better access to the same information that we have online. Some old navigation pages will disappear in time and be replaced with such new ones. This is the first cab off the rank!


28.03.2011 - Information from the REMLR Inc AGM will be online soon. However in the interim the REMLR Registration page has been updated with a new form, and a new address to e-mail it to. See the information here. Also updated is the Vehicle Radio's page.

08.03.2011 - Updated the Museums and Vietnam Veterans Museum pages.

09.03.2011 - Updated the Recovery Trailers page, The Perentie Variants and Perentie Information pages, Salvation Army page and Series 2 FFW. Some more archive photos have been noted on the ARN database.

07.03.2011 - Updated the Series 2 FFW page with photos and information. Also updated the Forward Area Ambulance page with more photos and information.

07.03.2011 - Added a page for Technical Drawings to the Restoration Information index. updated and added information to the Paint page.


23.02.2011 - Updated the Civilian 6x6 page with more photos of one vehicle, and more information

21.02.2011 - Added a page about Civilian 6x6 Vehicles built by Land Rover in Australia.

18.02.2011 - Added a page of information and photos of the Series 3 SWB

16.02.2011 - Added a page about the Series 2a Fire Tender from the School of Military Engineering. This is linked form the Museums page as well as the Variants page. The Perentie Identification page has also been updated.


31.01.2011 - Added a page and photo of what looks to be a Series 2 Carryall to REMLR. Also added a page about Salvation Army Land Rovers

21.01.2011 - Updated the Corowa page, and added a report from Jan Thompson about last years event. I have also added a page on Data Plates to the Fleet Information index.

14.01.2011 - Added a page of Perentie Brochures.

14.01.2011 - Updated a great deal of the information on the Perentie Info page. I've also Updates the page on the vehicles involved in project Perentie. A newspaper article about the Project Perentie Trials have also been added to that page. Updated the the Vehicle Wiring Diagrams page to include the Ambulance wiring diagram.

10.01.2011 - A new page has been added to the Trials and Prototypes Index. This is a page of information known about Prototypes, Trials, and Development vehicles related to the Perentie vehicles..

10.01.2011 - The Perentie Info page has had more information added to it with regards to Project Bushranger Phase 1. The Perentie Project page has had some more photos and information added do it.

10.01.2011 - Updated the Variants index page with most vehicles on the system, and some to come yet.

10.01.2011 - I've added some parts information to the Series 3 FFR page.

10.01.2011 - Updated some info on the Series 3 Ambulance page.


22.12.2010 - a page on the Light Green Vehicles has been added to the Trials and Prototypes page.

22.12.2010 - The Ambulance ARN's page has been updated. Now 6 vehicles have confirmed , Documented, vietnam service.

20.12.2010 - A new and rather exciting page has been added to the Forward Control index as well as to the XF4 page. It appears that Land Rover submitted a proposal to the DDX-188 specification, that later resulted in the XF4 trucks.

05.12.2010 - More wiring diagrams have been added to the Vehicle Wiring Diagrams page.


29.11.2010 - Today I have added a page of Vehicle Wiring Diagrams to the Fleet Information page. This will be a welcome relief for many restorers as it collates together the various series 3 wiring diagrams, and included the series 2 wiring diagram.

26.11.2010 - The long awaited Radios page is now online, but don't get too excited just yet, there is a long way to go before it's anywhere near complete. If you want to assist REMLR in any way with this page, please let us know. You can find the page from the Fleet Info page.

26.11.2010 - I have updated the GPA Swim in page, as well as added a page for the 2011 event as it will be a theme year for Land Rovers. We still don't have a report from 2010 so if you have one, e-mail it to us with a few photos.

26.11.2010 - After a bit of an exodus, I am back on deck making updates. Nothing major now, although I have now pointed the International Trucks ARN page to the new pages that look at the new Databases. Enjoy!


26.07.2010 - Added a page of supporters of REMLR. This page will expand as I get a chance to add more detail.

26.07.2010 - The final batch of 70 or so corrections has been done or now. there are still a number of inconsistencies and checks that need to be made, so watch out for future updates/

23.07.2010 - IMPORTAINT UPDATE - Tonight I have updated about half of a batch of around 70 vehicles that had incorrect chassis numbers listed on the current records in the series 2 and 2a range of vehicles. The rest I can do very shortly. The errors were in some cases unreadable from the original transcription of the records, or via human error. When the 2nd batch is updated it certainly increases the accuracy of the information of REMLR. However there are still many that need to be confirmed on the original records, and still more that are incorrect in the army records (there are a number of vehicles that are recorded as both having the same chassis numbers

Fortunately this only effects about 3 REMLR Registrants vehicles, and I have, or will shortly be in contact with those people.

21.07.2010 - Added a page about the Series 3 Ambulance to the Series 3 index page.

21.07.2010 - Added another 2 photos, and some more information to the RAN Stage 1 page.

21.07.2010 - Added a number of new images to the LRPR 2a Photos page that REMLR recently received. These are polaroid's so they have survived amazingly well and mostly detail the series 2a ambulance.


30.06.2010 - The end of the financial year, and i've a few small updates. I have added a batch of photos from the RAAF museum of RAAF land rovers in the series 2 to 3 range. These are on the RAAF Information Page. Also a walk around of detail photos have been added of the most recently rediscovered Series 3 Ceremonial Conversion

09.06.2010 - Added a page about the progress of PH's new Lightweight

09.06.2010 - Updated Andrew C-S's Ambulance Shed and added a Shed for his Workshop truck Party Bus

02.06.2010 - Importantly, one of the largest checks of errors and mistakes in the chassis numbers of the series 2 and 2A vehicles since the information was initially recorded is being undertaken currently. A number of mistakes, gaps and question marks are being filled, and those changes will be uploaded online soon.

This check of this data is being done by looking at the vehicles ordered by chassis number rather than ARN and that alone is throwing up some interesting information. Whilst it isn't anything earth shattering, it certainly goes a long way to making REMLR more accurate.

02.06.2010 - The Gunbuggy page has been updated with more information and photographs. It has also been added to the Variants index

02.08.2010 - some small updates to the 1250 kg Haulmark Trailer Page as well as the Track trailer page.


15.05.2010 - a new pages been added to the main index section titled Land Rover Variants intended to be an index of the various different types of land rover modifications regardless of size or age. The first vehicle to appear in this section is the Forward Area Ambulance.

15.05.2010 - Information and photos of a batch of Series 3 Army Land Rovers sent to Indonesia have been added to the Series 3 page.

11.05.2010 - Some recently received information about the Series 3 Ceremonial vehicles has been added to their page. It confirms that indeed 15 were converted.

11.05.2010 - Updated the Museums page with information about the National Military Vehicle Museum in South Australia as well as a page of photos from a recent visit there.

05.05.2010 - The XF4 page in the Inter Chapter just got an information boost with the owner of one XF4 vehicle coming forward and letting us know that he will be undertaking a full restoration of his vehicle soon.

05.05.2010 - The REMLR Registration Form and REMLR Inc Membership form have now been updated on the Members page.


29.04.2010 - Baby steps now. I've renamed the Australian Army Trailers page to Military Trailers to take into account RAAF and other trailers that we are starting to cover now.

29.04.2010 - Yes, not much has been happening of late, life has kept me very busy. There are a few changes that will be appearing about REMLR as I clear the backlog of things on my "To Do" list that always seems to be ever increasing. So be patient and watch this space.


16.02.2010 - One of the more exciting pieces of news that we have is that REMLR is now officially the Registry of Ex Military Land Rovers Incorporated. REMLR had grown to a size where it was simply too big to be managed by just myself and a few helpers. This change will not alter how REMLR appears or operates for the most part. However it puts a more solid framework in place for the continuation of REMLR, and eases some of the burden on my shoulders. Membership as always is free and it will only be the Steering Committee that pays a small membership in order to comply with the Incorporation regulations. More information on who the committee is and what they will do will be online soon. For more updates head over to our forums on for the latest news on REMLR Inc

15.02.2010 - Things have been very busy over the christmas break for me, as many of you may have noticed there have been no updates for some time now. Part of the reason is that updates and changes have been occurring to the back end databases, not visually, and partly because I have been very busy, however there is some updates in all of this. The trailers pages have now been updated on the database and also appear on the REMLR Membership page. You can find the new page here, Military Trailer Registration Number Index
In other news, REMLR member Andrew C-S has volunteered his time in an Assistant Webmaster role to help keep the database up to date with sightings, membership changes and updates to information.


02.09.2009 - I've also updated Paul M's Shed as well. This is very belated from when he sent me the info, I'm sorry about the delay Paul. PM's Shed

02.09.2009 - I have been very slack in not updating my own shed, so with some help with Andrew C-S I have finally done so. Thanks for the kick start Andrew. Grover's Shed.

01.09.2009 - Finished adding the Series 3 ARN's, check them out on the Series 3 ARN's Page


28.08.2009 - Further progress on the transition to the new database with the remainder of the series 2 and 2a ARN's being completed today. Check them all out on the Series 2 ARN's Page.

25.08.2009 - The transition to the new database backed ARN pages is slowly progressing. the 110+, 111+, 112+, 113+, 114+ and 116+ pages in the series 2 Land Rover section is now done.

17.08.2009 - The new membership page is now online here. You will notice 2 things. One, not all vehicles are listed. This will be updated as I update the new databases with ARN information. 2, every REMLR member has an entry for each vehicle they won, as I tweak the code the lists will appear the way that they used to.

10.08.2009 - Yes, I know that there has been no updates of note for a while, however I am doing a lot of work behind the scenes in order to have a more accurate, and less time consuming, membership listing online.

10.08.2009 - Added a page of Tool Rolls to the Reference Pictures page. If anybody can help in identifying any tools please contact REMLR.

There is a 1 year gap here where I need to find the news of what had been happening to add to this to keep a more comprehensive history of changes and updates to


22.08.2008 - made some small changes to the Australian Fleet Information Page as well as adding more Navy vehicles to the RAN Registrations page.

11.08.2008 - Added a link to the trailers page to the Fleet Information page.

08.08.2008 - Finally, Some additions to the Inter chapter. I've added more Mk.3 Acco ARN's, and some photos of a RAAF C1600 fire engine, and an Army ACCO 610A fire engine.

07.08.2008 - Updated the Army Museum Bandiana pages including the Museum 1 page, the Museum 2 page, and the Storage page.

07.08.2008 - Updated DL's 101 Shed

07.08.2008 - Added some more photos to the Stopgap TD5 page.

07.08.2008 - Revamped the Trailers part of REMLR adding sections for the more modern Haulmark, Cooks and Track trailers as well as the No.5 1/2 Ton, the 1/2 Ton Workshop PlatformRecovery TrailerFuneral CarriageRecovery Trailer, 101 missile Resupply and Rapier system trailers..

06.08.2008 - Added photos from Queensland REMLR members to the ANZAC Day 2008 page.

05.08.2008 - The Perentie Collection is now complete!!! I've added the remaining photos from the Series 3 Auction now.

05.08.2008 - Added more Perentie ARN's, but don't get excited, it's only vehicle type to ARN, very few chassis numbers still.

05.08.2008 - Updated the Links page to include the official GP Swim in Website and the impressive Centurion MBT website belonging to Col Fitness. Also receiving some minor updates is the Vehicle Markings page.

01.08.2008 - Most of the remainder of the Perentie Collection has been added now, with only a few more photos from the Series 3 Auction and other Series 2 and 3 vehicles Awaiting Auction to be added. Pages added include pages for the 4x4 FFR4x4 RFSV6x6 LRPV6x6 Ambulance6x6 General Service, 6x6 Air defence (I think) and 6x6 Workshop vehicle.


30.07.2008 - I have begun filling out the remainder of the Perentie Collection photos taken by Ian Withnall. Today I have added some more Series 2 and 3 vehicles Awaiting Auction. More perenties and more photos from the series 3 auction are still to come.

25.07.2008 - Added yet another page of photos from Cliff Hodgson. This time photos of the Monegeeta Proving Grounds. I've added this to the Reference Pictures page

25.07.2008 - I've made a number of updates to the Army Inter Chapter. I've added a page for the AA160, AACO 170 and broken up the Mk.5 into F1F2 and F5 along with adding a couple of new photos.

25.07.2008 - Added Cliff Hodgson's Recollections of 90 TPT Pl's History to the Reference Pictures page under a new section for Unit Histories and other information..

24.072008 - Updated Brian B's Ambulance Shed and GS Shed, and changed his LRPV Shed over to it's new owner, Stuart K.

24.07.2008 - I have finally relented and changed Ross C's shed about Castrol over to it's new owners, Perry & Pat S.

22.07.2008 - Added a number of Navy Series 1 chassis numbers to the Series 1 ARN page.

22.07.2008 - Updated the Series 1 Review Land Rover page.

18.07.2008 - There may be some downtime today as I've done a massive restructure of the way that the websites files are organised behind the scenes.

17.07.2008 - Added photos of REMLR members from ANZAC Day Marches around the country from ANZAC Day 2008.

17.07.2008 - Added more photos and information to the Series 2A LRPV Auction page. The new images are double the size, with images a further three times larger than those in archive thanks to the original photographer Bob Dimer.

17.07.2008 - Added one more photo, and larger versions of some photos to the Series 2A LRPV In Service page.

17.07.2008 - Added larger versions of LRPV's in storage to the Perentie LRPV In Service page.

16.07.2008 - Revamped the way that the Perentie ARN's are listed on the Registration Numbers page, and completed adding bulk information from the original paper registers.

10.07.2008 - Made a small update to the Stopgap TD5 page.


20.06.2008 - Finished the 31-000+ and 32-000+ Series 3 ARN's

27.06.2008 - Finished the 33-000+ Series 3 ARN's


07.05.2008 - Heavily updated the Census Codes page with information form the army census code listing.

06.05.2008 - Added an Census Codes page to the Army Inter Chapter.

06.05.2008 - Added a page for Other Army International Truck ARN's

06.05.2008 - Updated the ACCO ARN Page in the Army Inter Chapter.

28.05.2008 - Completed the 29-XXX sequence of Series 3 Army Registration Numbers

30.05.2008 - I have also completed the 30-XXX sequence of Series 3 Army Registration Numbers.

April News:

20.04.2008 - Updated the Membership page and the Museums page

15.04.2008 - 26-000 to 28-000+ registrations for the series 3 fleet are now online.

14.04.2008 - Started getting the series 3 ARN's online.

March News:


28.03.2008 - Added all Registration numbers to the 101 ARN page.

28.03.2008 - Updated many of the ARN pages.

28.03.2008 - Added all ARN's and Chassis numbers of the Project Perentie Vehicles to the Project Perentie page. Also updated the Perentie ARN page.

February News:

28.02.2008 - Added more photos to the RAEME & ADE PR photos of early workshop vehicles.

27.02.2008 - Updated the page of Vietnam War photos from Noel P.

25.02.2008 - Added a page on a Navy Series 2 as well as updated the page about Australian Military Land Rover Fleets

January 2008 News

December 2007 News

November 2007 News

September 2007 News

August 2007 News

July 2007 News

June 2007 News

May 2007 News

Apr 2007 News

  • Updated the contact details for Justin Pollard in NSW on the Suppliers Page.

  • Updated the Membership List with Names, and ARN's. Plsease e-mail me if any details are incorrect.

Mar 2007 News

Feb 2007 News

Jan 2007 News

  • Added a shed for Paul M and his restored Series 2A Ambulance Margaret-Mary.

October 2006 News

Sept 2006 News

Aug 2006 News

  • Added another shed for Richard G's new aquisition, a Series 2 Ambulance.
  • Updated defender TD5 page with new images here.

Jan-Feb 2006 News

  • More Vietnam photos on the way, etc, etc, etc...
  • Uploaded an extensive collection of RAEME photos of operations in South Vietnam courtesy of Rob M.. Archived photos here
  • Updated info on the ADF's latest deliveries of Perentie 110 LRPVs. Got broadband? Enjoy...
  • Uploaded research by Mike Cecil describing the Series 2 and 2A Ambulance fleet and the development timeline. Mike is the Head of Military Heraldry and Technology AWM. Thank you Mike, we appreciate all your work.
  • After 4-5 months of hit n miss performance from the former host (ie; the "hostage" period expired there so I have now moved the whole 180mb that makes up the site to a new web server company. The other site was full up -no more space- and the new site is bigger.
  • I have had some busy times, but off line - not on line. The updates I get thru here in this week will... depend..

There is a 1 year gap here where I need to find the news of what had been happening to add to this to keep a more comprehensive history of changes and updates to

January 2005

September 2004

  • R & R pics soon.
  • War n Peace too.
  • More Perenties
  • REMLR shoulder patches available - click to see picture. Want some? Email Uncle Ho (member003) at at $6.50 ea plus postage. Get at least 2 (one for your shirt rhs arm as per nco 'hooks' and one for putting on a giggle hat or cap).

July 2004

June 2004

  • Soon... lotsa pix of SA's 2004 War 'n Peace Show submitted by Ross O. REMLR 112.
  • Added photos submitted by Hugh T. REMLR 158 of Army Landys in PNG 1971.
  • Renovated the index page...
  • Added ARNs for lots of 1965 to 1971 Landys, mainly Ambulances, in the ARN register.
  • Added a Series 2 & 2A Ambulance ARN list
  • Most of the members with AMF Series 2 & 2A units- please note: your vehicle registry details have been 'absorbed' into the Series 2 & 2A ARN lists. The old registry is now pretty redundant.... also the 1971 ARN is list done. (Others still in progress)

May 2004

April 2004

  • Added anon photo of a Series ¾ ton Topo Survey to the Topo Survey page.
  • Thanks Richard G. (REMLR 129) for constructing the Series 3 ARN list.
  • More Series 2A ARNs listed. More work to go.

March 2004

  • Added Warren's Shed; started with first pic Command Reconn.
  • Added new members and worked on ARNs.
  • Message Board moved to when Agnes Server Co advised they were going "off air" permanently.

February 2004

January 2004

December 2003:

November 2003:

  • started revising the design and extent of REMLR Registrys. Why? Richard G's great assistance with that ARN list! And other reasons. See ARN pages
  • fixed up Phill's Shed page - NZ Army Stage One 109inch

August 2003:

  • one third thru posting some old docs: RAASC in Vietnam.
  • New members & chassis registry updates: welcome to REMLR.

July 2003:

December 2002:

November 2002:

October 2002:

September 2002:

August 2002:

July 2002:

  • Message board doing alright: Who's going on the R & R?
  • Put up some 2002 "A Ton Of Land-Rovers" pics
  • Supply page updates, membership updates

May 2002:

  • My daughter-learner-driver, after having initial experience driving Landy in paddock 2 years back, and dad spending spare time and every other Saturday for months (not to mention filling in dreaded log books and jumping thru other stupid hoops), finally gets P plate award in our non-auto 121 bubble car...
  • extensions to Ross' shed; Easter camping with Wizbin pics.
  • Set up 2002 ANZAC Day page; send in your pix
  • Update supply page

April 2002:

  • Roger's shed added in Perentie section
  • Tabled Gunbuggy registrations on beefed up ARN page
  • DTP work throughout

March 2002:

  • Added Series 2A Parts list page
  • Added Amir's Shed and Stephen's Shed - separated from 'Bloodbox' page
  • Tidy up work on many gallery pages
  • Added new feature: interactive REMLR Message Board
  • added page about the REMLR "Tons Of Land-Rovers" 2002 show 'n shine to be held after ANZAC Day
  • updated and added pics to DM's and RC's 88" pages
  • Advertising archive page
  • More pics put on Series 3 FFR page
  • put more info on ARN page

February 2002:

  • added Afghanistan ADF pics page
  • moved REMLR links to separate page
  • added Kevin's shed page and John's shed page
  • added to trailer page
  • start 2002 event planning

January 2002:

  • New Year's resolution. Negoiate more website space without advertising...costs US$70 per annum
  • Attended LRE Lightweight photo session Jan 19th, All British Car Club display Jan 20th
  • added article and scan of story on Auscam TD5 Defenders
  • Series 1 pages updated
  • added great old Rover Australia Series 2 'Public Relations Dept' archive photos taken at the Aussie Landy factory before delivery to the Army
  • Added article and photos about Australian Army Infantry gear
  • More memberships

January 2002:

  • All latest work and pics moved to

November 2001:

  • Archived old magazine article from 1978 re origins of Series 2A LRPV. See 2A LRPV page.
  • More adv on Supplies page, more member updates

September 2001:

  • Installed Lightweight pages
  • Update for sales and wanted
  • R & R coverage underway (pics soon)--- beautiful sunny weather, full moon, nine Landys and $300 for Legacy --- results; good campsite found and all home okay --- Syd Crawford -Best ex-mil 110, Phillip Hartas -Best Lightweight, Dennis McLaughlin -Best Series 2A ¼ Ton

August 2001:

  • Set up domain pointer & new email
  • is closing off our website - so we moved to
  • D.M. obtains some 'R & R' stickers
  • R & R permit slip done
  • REMLR R & R added to "Flyer" print out

July 2001:

  • Membership update
  • R & R back up work & reconn
  • Chassis reg update

June 2001:

  • Australian Army "Load Carrying Equipment" info archived (webbing & packs)
  • More work linked to John Bamford's testing of Land-Rovers
  • More wanted adv on Supplies page
  • Site tidy up...






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