I know, I know, this is the Registry of Ex-Military Land Rovers, so what have Trucks got to do with it!!! As interest in International No.1 trucks and other International Trucks was high in REMLR, we decided to start the ACCO Chapter. A few months later with increasing interest in other International trucks used by the Australian Army grew the ACCO chapter was renhamed to the Army Inter chapter to encompas International Harvester trucks from 1958 through to the present.

From humble beginnings in 1952 and a small run of 100 vehicles delivered in 1959, the ACCO served with distinction untill well after the 2370 vehicles built had been delivered to the Australian Army. They were big, tough and simple vehicles that would keep going and going and were popular with their drivers. The International's "baptism of fire" was to be the Vietnam War where they were the backbone of Australias transport network. Even the Americans, who didn't have anything quite like them, saw them to be an excellent vehicle.

Like the Land Rover and several close calls with ambushes, many Inters "lost" their doors for ease of escape by the crew. One soldier, when questioned by an Officer as to the whereabouts of the doors of his new truck, replied "That's how I got it sir!"

It is also interesting to note that the early ACCOs are often refered to as the AACO or Australian Army Cab Over. Taken from a 70's advertisment, AACO stood for Australian A-Line Cab Over. Later Models were marketed as the ACCO and the only official explanation of sorts can again be found in advertising of the time. These adverts are for the Australian C-Line Cab Over. However the Army has only ever refered to them as the International No.1 Mk.1, 2, 3 etc. However to many they will always be the ACCO.

There is also a misconception that the 6x6 models were the Mk.5, in fact they were only ever refered to as the F1, F2 and F5.

Some thankyou's need to be said at this stage. To Mike Cecil of the AWM, for all of his help and information, as well as his excellent articles in the Defence Material Organisation's On Target eNewsletter. Mike's articles are usually in the Remember when... series. Specifically his articles on Remember when .. we had armoured trucks? , Remember when ... we built the XF4 Truck? and Remember when ... we built international trucks? . Paul Handell also needs to recieve thanks for his help in the Army Inter Chapter, particularly with regards to the XF4, 1 Ton Truck project.

Four different models served with the Army in varying numbers and configurations. Below are the pages about each model and the development of the International No.1 as well as some other International trucks which served with the Armd Forces in Australia.

The International No.1, aka the ACCO

Army Registration Numbers (or ARN's as they are known)

Other International Trucks.

Dodge Trucks.

  • 180
  • AT4-144
  • AT4-144N6

Photos whilst in service


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