The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Land-Rover Series 2 ¾ Ton Panel Van


"In late 1958 the AMF commenced taking delivery of the new Series 2 Land-Rover after trials to find a replacement for the Austin Champ which had been in service since 1950. These Series 2 vehicles in SWB (1958 units have late Series 1 engines) and LWB (1959 models) were supplied with minimal modifications after assembly at Sydney's Pressed Metal Corp (CKD and RHD kits from England)... "


Land-Rover Series 2 Panel Van GS

"Their appearance is almost the same as civilian models. They are fitted with towing eyes at the front, tail light protectors and trailer connection at the right side rear, thru the body panel above the location for the rear number plate, some extra instrumentation and switching, and a fire extinguisher. On the dash they have a large blackout switch immediately to the right of the speedo panel. Some photos show an air pressure number 23 in half-inch white paint over the centre of the axles, and a black five inch square painted on the rear panel, on the left side, south east of the tail lights, marked LOAD ¼ TON in white paint. The BWC plate is lower down the front left guard than the Series 2A." ref Stephen Stansfield. Tac holders were fitted front and rear after a change to Formation Markings Standing Orders when the units were in service. Also note that these Series 2 units had a pintle hook, the early type, as fitted to the Austin Champs.

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Unrestored Series 2 Panel


This is a photo from South Australia showing a ex-Australian Army Land-Rover

This one is dated 6/61. The Panel Van variant was used in the role of base mail routes and sensitive item transport (aka S.D.S.) by RASIGS. The brush guard was certainly fitted later in the 1960's during its decade 'in-service'. Note the early BWC position as well. - from The Roseworthy Collection


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