The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Land-Rover Series 1 ¼ Ton 'in-service' pics
Here are some pics and info about the earliest Australian and New Zealand Military Land-Rovers dating from 1948. At this time a Land-Rover was simply a Land-Rover. These early Landys were designated "Series One" only when, after a decade of production, the next generation of Land-Rovers came along with the designation "Series Two".
First Landy

the first Aussie Army Land-Rover

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Armed Forces were given various opportunities to try out the new Land-Rover and to see it 'go to work'. In late 1948 a Land-Rover went from the factory - through the Australian affiliate of the Rover Company- to be trialed by the Australian Army. It was chassis R862994 (80"wb, 6.00x16 tyres, silver chassis) with engine 862815. The Australian Army fleet comprised WW2 Jeeps and Austin Champs during the 1950's... however this Landy and others were compared extensively. Photo links to ANZACsteel website. (ARN 153-952 pics & info via Paul Handel)

This vehicle was actually powered by a Holden motor in a trial against a B40 engined Land Rover

Ambulance extension

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Photo on left is a Series 1 with 'Field Ambulance' canvas extension: 16 Field Ambulance, Malaya 1957. (Pics & info from Barry Ford)

1RAR in Malaya

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Photo on left shows a Land-Rover and WW2 production 'jeep trailer'. 1RAR riflemen are enjoying a bath out in the 'J', Perak State, Malaya, 1961. (AWM P01858.010).

Series 1 vehicles used in malaya were vehicles belonging to the British Army.

Cyprus troubles

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Photo on left shows an Austin Champ and Land-Rover Mk 1 [80" with 1600 cc] in Cyprus 1958. The Land-Rover is with Cyprus District and could be Military Police. The Champ is with the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles, 51st Independent Infantry Brigade. The location is said to be Famagusta. (Pics & info from John Mastrangelo)


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