Author Topic: Want to own a special Mk3 Acco?  (Read 240 times)

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Want to own a special Mk3 Acco?
« on: May 08, 2020, 12:59:01 PM »
Hello Members, I have been thinking about selling my last Mk3 ACCO that I bought from the Army in 1985 and used in my expedition business for 37 years. One of its mates is in the National Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs. I had 3 Mk3 trucks and converted two of them into 18 passenger busses. This truck was one of the busses but in the early 2000's I changed it back to a normal truck to become the supply truck and sold the original "Tucker Truck" to bull catchers on Cape York Peninsula.
I stopped running expeditions in Australia in 2012 and since then, this truck has been in a shed. Throughout its life with me it was very well maintained and has had  one engine replacement. A new engine from army stock, bought at auction. I have a stock of new spare parts, also from auction in the eighties.
This truck is complete apart from the fold-down seats in the back and the original seat-back timber slats have been replaced with form ply. It has original jack and inspection light.
I made some minor changes to the tool boxes to stop the catches from being ripped off in tight spaces through trees and also replaced the ridiculous wing-nut and bolt closure on the jerry-can rack for the same reason.
The passenger seat has been widened for more room and an extra support placed in the cab roof to stop "boinging" on corrugated roads or bending if some person should climb on it. Otherwise the truck is original. It is fitted with a canopy.
This truck has been everywhere that a four wheel drive fanatic could ever want to go in Australia. A lot of its life is documented in my second book "SAFARI MAN Book Two" and there are pictures of it in the book. There will be more details and pictures of its life in my next book.
This truck is a connection to my past life and I am only willing to part with it because it needs to be looked after and I don't need more work. I have a 6X6 tipper and other machines that are in use as well as lots of other things to do and I'm unlikely to use this truck in the future.
I am putting all this information here to find if there is any interest and what its value might be. You can contact me by email at