Author Topic: Design and production Drawings: 153 General Arrangement 1/8" Scale  (Read 2412 times)

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Here is a quick photo of a General Arrangement drawing of the 80" Wheelbase Series 1 Vehicle made by A.Vickers (my father on 14/9/1953 Rover Factory Solihull) and passed for circulation.
If you look at Series 1 records and to my limited knowledge there were no significant changes in design that year other than engine size? So I am not certain why Dad would have made new general arrangement drawings. I asked him but he is in his late 90s and can't really remember. I posted this elsewhere in the forum... but know that people lurk in different areas and may not have notifications turned on... I have lots more drawings etc. made over the years by my father...wooden templates and prototype thingies that either ended up on Landie's or on his later escapades working production design for the Mini.

I read and hear lots of stuff but think the series I design story is best told by those that drove them into battle, herded cows with them, took hunters on safari and, of course, those that designed and engineered them to be totally unfit for those purposes :) After, all its failure in the field, poor manufacture, cheap materials and tinkering in the shed, along with the willingness of our forbearers to simply put up with less... that required an icon be built and not good design or ingenuity!

I would love it if people could post any design drawings or stories, production modifications, etc. here (Low-resolution copies of course)... Allan

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Re: Design and production Drawings: 153 General Arrangement 1/8" Scale
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Many of the ones I have are online at  And a few others I still need to get up there ;)
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