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Overhauling Jack
« on: February 09, 2019, 06:12:33 PM »
I have the original two and a half ton jack that came with my RFSV. Unfortunately it had a tag attached that said do not use faulty.
I have sourced a repair kit from the jacks manufacturer. So as i am going to try and get to Corowa i need an operational jack just in case.
It is currently sitting in a container upside down on my work bench draining oil.
My question is there is the screw that is the filling point for oil and what looks like a female plug in the top of the jack. will that female insert stop me from unscrewing the top off the jack?
I dont have a spanner large enough to fit the top of the jack so my intention is to use the vice to hold the nut and apply a bit of force from a hammer on the bottom to get the top off.
Am i on a reasonable path or should i be doing something else?

While I am asking questions. I had a turbo fitted a few years ago and i now notice I have oil leaks around the inlet manifold near number 1 and 4 pots. there is oil up on the underside of the bonnet. not loosing a lot of oil but its enough to need attention. So replace the inlet manifold gasket???

Tom :-\