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Re: DetV's Shed
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Today's Project - Water Bladder in FFR Radio Stand
A few days ago I took the plunge and ordered a 100 Litre Rectangle Plastimo Water Tank. The postie delivered it this morning so today's challenge was to work out how I can plumb this bladder into the FFR radio support box.  Well, after a lot of mucking around and reviewing numerous options, I found an orientation of the bladder which will allow its installation. The key issue is to be able to locate the inlet and outlet in a clear panel. The only orientation which works in the FFR is with the inlet near centre of the box and the outlet approx 15cm from the back and 15cm from the driver side. Once I verified that it could be fitted, it was time to visit my favourite plumbing supplier to get the bits I will need to connect the bladder to a filler inlet and a tap on the rear.

The inlet and outlet of this bladder both need 57mm holes - so I ran down to Bunnings for a 57mm hole saw.
The team at Southern Plumbing accepted my challenge to help me work out what plumbing bits and pieces I could use to achieve my goal.

Following the hole drilling and assembly I tested the setup by inflating the bladder with a high volume air pump. With a few PSI in the bladder my detergent dipped paintbrush failed to identify any leaks. So, it was time to fill it with water. Initially I filled through the 25mm filler hose, however, the air which I previously pumped into the bladder came out in massive gulps. I changed the approach and completed the filling through the outlet tap allowing all the air out without conflicting with water.

The box dimensions are approx 90cm x 55cm x 22cm, that is approx 108 litres. This bladder lies flat at 107cm x 70cm and inflates to 25cm high. Not too bad a fit.  Considering the framework and other obstructions inside the box, I am hopeful of filling the bladder to near 80 litres. Anyhow, even if I only get 60 litres in there it will be a bonus.

[edit 15/10/18] Filled the bladder through the outlet tap until water spilled out through the breather tube. Then emptied the bladder through the outlet tap and measured 65 litres. Happy with that.

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