Author Topic: 106 RCL 112-335 FOUND.  (Read 17696 times)

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Re: 106 RCL 112-335 FOUND.
« Reply #45 on: April 20, 2014, 09:28:49 AM »
have started the de-construction of 112-335.
Gonna take her back to the chassis then re-build.
The tub is going to be a pain but it will be the last thing I need to sort.
I can get cracking on the rest and the bulkhead rust needs stopping and repair.
So she will be packed into the shed soon.

Hi Cliffy, if you need measurements of the tub mine is off ATM so can measure everything easily - looks like you will have to make one - doesn't seem to hard looking at it

VMVC 251,

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Re: 106 RCL 112-335 FOUND.
« Reply #46 on: April 20, 2014, 09:25:31 PM »
Thanks for the offer. I have the one here at the army museum I can get measurements off too.
Yeah, doesn't look too hard but bolting one on is a lot easier (ya hear that people sitting on tubs!).

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Re: 106 RCL 112-335 FOUND.
« Reply #47 on: June 25, 2015, 01:15:48 PM »
Hello all.

So, 112-335 has passed to me and will hopefully be made-over back to standard RCL carrier over as long a period as it takes.

It was reportedly used as a mail carrier in the N.T. and, as seen in the photos in the first few posts, was changed back to a rear tub. The chassis, motor, and drive train, I shouldn't have too much trouble with. All the tin-ware including the firewall is beyond repair though except for one front fender. The amount of bog in it is massive. I've got replacements for all of it plus a decent rear tub (Thanks Cliff) which will be modified to RCL shape.

My only problem at the moment is the only known buggy in WA is at the Fremantle Army Museum and it is locked away in a tiny shed and difficult to get access to accurately measure up the rear. I got rough measurements on a previous visit but it would save me another visit if I could find the these distances
1/     The width, front to back, of the top, of the steel shield, which wraps over the top of the ammunition cases: and
2/     The distance between that shield and the top of the wheel arch, effectively the diameter of the ammunition case plus a bit.
3/     The width of the cut in the tub's front bulkhead through which the gun's front wheel pokes
If anyone out there in Buggyland could help me with those three measurements I would appreciate it greatly.

Of interest, on the rear part of the front driver's side front fender, under 3 coats of paint and at least one can of bog I found a yellow triangle, 9" high, arms 1" wide, and with 2 digits inside. The first is a '6', the second is either '6', '5', or possibly a 'G'. Would anyone have any thoughts on that?