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Loved the experience too. Got my stuff delivered and very happy!
Australian "Perentie " 110 & 6x6 Vehicles / Re: Perentie 4x4 Windscreen choices
« Last post by Carzee on December 01, 2019, 09:43:28 AM »
Well I have not had a windscreen come in on me. But plenty of time spent cleaning out smash n grab glass in Newie. It does show up for months.  Touch wood we haven't had a car done like that down here.
Radio Wanted / For Sale / Electronic Parts for sale
« Last post by brettwild on December 01, 2019, 08:56:59 AM »
I have a number of Ex Military Capacitors / Transistors and Resistors for sale as a group lot or separate - these are:
5910-00-208-4735 - Capacitor x 100
5905-01-187-8489 - Resistor x 2
5905-00-622-0194 - Resistor Fixed Film x 7
5905-01-050-4183 - Resistor Network x 22
5910-00-483-5618 - Capacitor - Ceramic Dielectric x 6
5961-00-137-4383 - 5961-00-137-4383 - Transistor x 10
5935-01-196-1245 - Jackscrew Connector x 12
5910-00-904-8593 - Capacitor HY530 x 5
5935-01-159-3737 - Connector Receptacle x 3
5935-00-246-2004 Connector Receptacal x 6
5920-00-549-2203 - Absorber - Overvoltage x 4
5935-01-074-8677 - Connector Electrical x 11
5935-01-023-4869 - Connector Electrical x 3
5935-01-100-0677 - Connector Electrical x 6
5999-00-068-1987 - Mounting Pad Electronic x 40
5999-01-100-3805 - Contact Kit Electrical x 24
5905-00-233-7123 - Resistor Fixed Film x 70
5920-00-117-8280 - Fuse x 5 250v
5920-00-957-2067 - Fuse x 30 250v

Just to name a few many more in stock - If you are into radio electronics you will appreciate the part numbers
Best to call me on 0488 255 666
Many thanks
Australian "Perentie " 110 & 6x6 Vehicles / Re: Perentie 4x4 Windscreen choices
« Last post by navigation on November 30, 2019, 11:57:04 PM »
I had a windscreen blow in on me as I descended ďSkylineĒ which is just north of Mittagong.

I wasnít going very fast as they were re-sheeting the high side lane, but I remember reaching around behind me to open a vent in the sleeper cab and heard the windscreen crack at that moment.

I then went to roll down the drivers window as the heat coming off the turbo and supercharger was frying me.

As the window came down about an inch, in it came, and just draped itself over the steering wheel, trapping my left hand and arm.

There was nothing I could do except throw on the brakes and hope for the best.

As I was pretty much 3/4 of the way down, where the road curves slightly left, across the witches hats I went, sending road workers running.

I then kept going straight, ploughing through the freshly laid gravel and off into the centre grassed area.

The road workers came running up to suss out what occurred and as they neared, I managed to kick open the drivers door and recover my gloves with my right hand, pull one on with my teeth, and was trying to wrestle the windscreen off my arm and because Iím right handed, I could only work towards throwing it over the engine cover and down into the passenger side wheel well.

Turns out, the owner of that truck got the 2 windscreens cut and the glazier cut them a bit too small, so thatís why it just exploded inwards after it cracked.

I did have another windscreen come halfway into the cabin a couple of years later, caused by kids throwing rocks and timber wrapped up in a bodgy old bit of tarpaulin, off a freeway overpass as I was heading into Brisbane at high speed.

A rock the size of a football came straight through and crashed into the back wall of the bunk.

Both times I was showered in glass shards which plague you for months, but perhaps the most noticeable discomfort was in driving the vehicles without a windscreen, for both times, Iíd been boiling hot one minute, then frozen the next.
Australian "Perentie " 110 & 6x6 Vehicles / Re: Perentie 4x4 Windscreen choices
« Last post by navigation on November 30, 2019, 11:30:42 PM »
Great choice, simply canít beat the fast glass.

I have always wanted green glass for my 109 and in time itíll come.

Those prices seem a bit ordinary.

Iíll just get a glazier to cut all mine at the same time and fit it.
Australian "Perentie " 110 & 6x6 Vehicles / Perentie 4x4 Windscreen choices
« Last post by Carzee on November 30, 2019, 08:50:46 PM »
About 3 years back on a western Queensland development road our windscreen got a "star". It was right up near the rear view mirror. Recently the windscreen cracked from top to bottom because of the star. Might have been a patch of cold air in a gorge on the Hume near Mittagong. I heard a noise but didn't see what caused it because it was around first light. I was on my way to Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest once again.

We were fortunate the crack didn't show up for so long.

Here are the options:

Local businesses sourcing from
who stock...
A clear windscreen. $370 (not in stock - would need to put on a deposit for them to order it in)
A clear windscreen with a blue tinted band along the top. $370

who stock...
A green tinted windscreen (and they have one in stock) $390


Land Rover Dealership windscreen

....all the glass options require the purchase of a new rubber seal MUC3733 to fit the glass into the frame.

The windscreen I wanted was the green tinted one so I have booked the job. I hope to get a photo or two.

Almost finished the basic chores necessary to get the 109 back on the road.

Need to pull all the wheels off and put new screws in the brake drums, then check the oil levels in the gearbox, transfer box and front diff. Then it should be pretty much ready to go.

I canít remember if the hubs on the front diff are separate to the diff itself, requiring their own oil, or if they get their oil supplied from the diff. I suppose Iíll find out somehow.

Might lift the front off the ground and suss out the steering and relay.

Today the 109 got a wash inside, not with a sponge though.

I removed the few items I had sitting in the back, then let fly with a truck wash I use on a fleet I maintain, then rinsed the daylights out of it.

A workmate freaked out when he arrived about an hour after I did it, to find water still running out the doors and tailgate.

If ya gonna wash a Land Rover, ya donít stroke around.

If ya canít flood them out then you havenít built them properly.

No harm came from it.

I was a bit surprised and how much dust came out. It wasnít nearly as much as I expected.

I might bring it back home on Sunday and start using it as my daily starting Monday.

Still need to figure out how to install some kind of air conditioning too.
Thanks dugite and Carzee,
Appreciate the comments guys, and very glad Carzee to see your experience was a positive one and the parts arrived as they did.

Regards, Alvin.
Finally got the rear diff sorted.

The broken bolt was extracted by wedging a screwdriver into the crown wheel mating face and prying it apart enough to get a small pair of pointy nosed vice grips in and bingo, the broken bolt backed out relatively easy.

I just need to put oil in it, bleed the brakes, and check the oils in the front diff, gearbox, transfer box, and itíll be back on the road.

I fitted a new radiator to my other car yesterday also, and Iím pretty happy with that too, it went smoothly.

Thinking of driving the 109 up onto some steep ramps and washing the inside out because itís picked up a lot of dust in the last few years.

Iím over the spring/parabolic height nonsense.
Iíll have to get springs made for it. Wasted too much time with the spring issue. Had enough!

The 109 still needs a million things done to get it back to how it was envisioned to be but itís getting there slowly.
Hi Alvin, the parts I ordered arrived next day. The modules all worked forthe payment etc. Congratulations on finishing the project.
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