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Thanks 303.

I’d read something along that line. I contacted JLR and received this response:

“Our Vehicle Compliance team have reviewed your request, and have advised that based on the VIN details provided, as this vehicle was originally sold without a compliance plate, and sold non-operational and incomplete, Jaguar Land Rover are unable to supply a Letter of Compliance in this instance.”

Will clarify with them that I do have one, correct for a GS but incorrect VIN but don’t like my chances.

Is there another way I can go about it? Have the chassis restamped or something?

International F1, F2 & F5 / Re: 180-971 F1 Crane Truck
« Last post by Acco 4x4 on Today at 09:52:25 PM »
Sounds like the karma bus swung past your pelican neighbours place.  :) You got to love it!
There have been vehicles sold at the auctions without any Compliance Plates, and these have been succesfully (and legitimately) registered when accompanied with a Manufacturer's Letter that states that the vehicle, when built, complied with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989. (My 6x6 is one example).

Having lost your Compliance Plate, I would contact Jaguar Land Rover Australia and inquire how to obtain such a letter. The Good People at Australian Frontline Machinery should be able to assist with who to contact.

Ensure that any receipt or blue slip shows the correct chassis VIN, and not the erroneous number on any other plate.
Miscellaneous Equipment / Re: Camp table and Chairs Millionaires
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What does "DUP Item" mean?

Direct Unit Purchase...  ie, the Unit makes the purchase with its Govt Credit card and doesn't order the item via the logistics system
Hi, I’m hoping someone here may have some advice for me.

I bought a perentie GS from a bloke who bought it ‘incomplete’ from the auctions. It was mostly complete but had a some dinged panels. Most things were simple enough bolt on replacement.

I’ve only recently noticed that the VIN on the compliance plate doesn’t match the VIN stamp. The log book matches the chassis stamp. The log book mentions it had some accident damage repaired at some point. Possible firewall swap then? Certainly didn’t happen after the other guy bought it at auction.

What is likely to be the most straightforward way to get it registered (NSW)? Or is this a world of hurt and should I part it out?

Thanks, Conor
Here is a quick photo of a General Arrangement drawing of the 80" Wheelbase Series 1 Vehicle made by A.Vickers (my father on 14/9/1953 Rover Factory Solihull) and passed for circulation.
If you look at Series 1 records and to my limited knowledge there were no significant changes in design that year other than engine size? So I am not certain why Dad would have made new general arrangement drawings. I asked him but he is in his late 90s and can't really remember. I posted this elsewhere in the forum... but know that people lurk in different areas and may not have notifications turned on... I have lots more drawings etc. made over the years by my father...wooden templates and prototype thingies that either ended up on Landie's or on his later escapades working production design for the Mini.

I read and hear lots of stuff but think the series I design story is best told by those that drove them into battle, herded cows with them, took hunters on safari and, of course, those that designed and engineered them to be totally unfit for those purposes :) After, all its failure in the field, poor manufacture, cheap materials and tinkering in the shed, along with the willingness of our forbearers to simply put up with less... that required an icon be built and not good design or ingenuity!

I would love it if people could post any design drawings or stories, production modifications, etc. here (Low-resolution copies of course)... Allan
Here is a quick photo of the first drawing by my father "General Arrangement of Landrover 80" Wheelbase by A.Vickers 14-9-1953 Passed for circulation"  ;D
Miscellaneous Equipment / Re: Camp table and Chairs Millionaires
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Original army name "Table FS 6 foot"
In service name prior to 1972.

Hope that's helpful in case you need to order one from the "Q" store
Miscellaneous Equipment / Re: Camp table and Chairs Millionaires
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What does "DUP Item" mean?
International F1, F2 & F5 / Re: 180-971 F1 Crane Truck
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i bought a drum of petrol for the mower,and it was 99.9......diesel is still 134 tho,been waiting for it to fall so I can fill the tractor...........The rubbers are Mackay Silentrubba s..............I think Mackay is gone,so poly u is probably the only option............its a lot harder than rubber ,and wouldnt need the tin cups.............Incidentally,the rear trackrod rubbers are a Rockwell part,but were $200 each in the 80s.............I had stacks of track rods for both ACCOs and Kaisers.......unfortunately the "army green" thieves stole all the smaller acco ones.......wasnt scrap thieves ,they left lots of other more suitable scrap...........yards dont like rubber in the steel.
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