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Iím thinking of having new badges made, probably the same style as the last set but this time saying Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Sure beats Solihull, Warwickshire, England.

Iíll get a new Four Wheel Drive, Holden Powered too, or think up something snappier.
Itís registered as a utility, so might incorporate that somehow, dunno yet.

I keep looking at the glass and wishing I had green glass, or ďfast glassĒ, so I might look into that. Perforated vinyl is awesome but green glass is better I think.
The rain eased off, stopped, then tinkled for a couple of hours, so I used it to my advantage and gave the paint a bit of polish.

Needs a lot more elbow grease but itís coming up alright I guess.

I removed the perforated vinyl window film from the passenger side door window too. Itís been on there since the last rebuilt and held up well, so Iíll be buying some new stuff and doing it again in future.
Loviní the perforated vinyl.

Lots more to do of course, but itís happening.

The sgt mjr has been throwing commands around but Iím resisting.

She no like the roof console as itís easy to bump ones head on, but after youíve headbutted it and yelped 10-20 times, you learn not to just jump in, but sneak in carefully.
Sheís right though, itís a pain in the...head, so I might ditch that soon.

Probably going to ditch the tailgate and cat flap shortly too.

Canít seem to get the passenger side fuel cap off, no idea why but itís just spinning.

Iíll replace both fuel caps in time.

A tune is becoming priority as itís getting tricky at the traffic lights.
International Truck Chat / Re: C1300 4X4 International Trucks
« Last post by GGG on Today at 08:09:21 PM »
No worries it is just that in my time of snooping around such places as 2 BOD and 2 Base workshops I never came across a 4 X 4 C1300. That was 1970/71.
Geoff O.
Spotted Vehicles / Re: IIA 109 identity
« Last post by seriesworkshop on Today at 06:43:13 PM »
Sorry Stoker meant to send to Felix 6005; hi Felix 6005 is this landy a new acquisition ?
Parts Wanted / Re: AYG400 - crank pulley
« Last post by mudmouse on Today at 06:29:11 PM »

Thanks Brian, will do. I'll see if he has any stock and failing that I'll be on the lathe to turn one out...

All the best,

International Truck Chat / Re: C1300 4X4 International Trucks
« Last post by john.k on Today at 02:42:41 PM »
Thats quite right ,but the OP is asking about /and thread title is C1300 4x4 Inters.
The rains are here...

That puts the mozz on my plans to work on the 109, at least for a few hours...

Swung into the best fish and chip shop for miles around to get more food than I need.

I wonder if I have any grog in the fridge?

Anomalous readings...

The gps speedo took about 10 minutes to lock onto a suitable 3 way fix, weather is the culprit.

Sitting outside the church waiting for the sgt mjr to exit, I noticed the readout fluctuating from 11-12 kph, so yeah, itís doing what any gps does when the chipping rates are being bounced around a bit.

Just happy to have it regardless, at least until I get my regular speedometer sorted.

Not ideal weather for driving this beast but I have to dump off a million cans and bottles to the recycling depot to free up the cargo area.

Wasnít a productive week hobby wise, after locking up a muscle in my hip while doing a quick peak hour prime mover breakdown recovery, which saw me hooking a chain to the broken down truck and hooking that to a tipper and dragging the dead truck for about 1 km to where it was out of harms away.

I was jogging along beside it giving instructions by phone, in thongs.

I quit jogging after about 500 mtrs, bugger that.
Parts Wanted / Re: AYG400 - crank pulley
« Last post by BEARMAN on February 22, 2020, 08:35:05 PM »
Matt, give Robert 42 on here a PM. He got some made up a couple of years ago. He might still have a spare. I had a spare one and only sold it a few days ago!!
International Truck Chat / Re: C1300 4X4 International Trucks
« Last post by GGG on February 22, 2020, 07:23:15 PM »
My knowledge of normal control Inters is pretty basic. However I would like to know why a relatively small truck which does not have four wheel drive would require a transfer case. I am not trying to be clever I am just interested.
Geoff O.
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