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Title: New Member with ex-NZ Army 109 V8
Post by: Downtown on March 25, 2020, 09:57:04 PM
Hi All,

This is a great site and I've enjoyed reading a lot of threads. Some great work being done on here.

I've had an ex-NZ Army 109 V8 for around a year. It is in excellent condition and it was from a unit I once belonged to - I recognised the number plate. I'm keeping it all original and just cleaning it up, and have made up the tacsigns from memory and put them on, together with a Kiwi symbol. I had the remove the NZ-specific roof rack (orignally intended for the cam net) as it wouldn't fit in my garage. But that was how it was when it first come into service anyway.

To make it a bit more usable, I bought some original door locks and installed them (a 5 minute job), and if I take it anywhere where I need to leave it for more than a few minutes I can temporarily install FFR racking which will make it slightly more difficult to get into the cab.

I've had a couple of electrical issues; the 100amp 24v generator was overcharging the batteries. I've removed it and kept it for possible reinstatement at a later date, and installed a 24v alternator (US Prestolite) in a fully reversible manner.

The indicator/light stalk also died, so I splashed out and got a NOS original military stalk which has slightly different connectors to the normal ones.

I love driving it, I appreciate it more now than when I was in service.

I've been working my way through changing all the fluids and will also change the thermostat, just in case. I'm also amazed at all the soil and sand that is still coming out of various places.

It came with a civilian tow bar, but the NATO hitch was also with it, found in the back, so I've cleaned that up and reinstalled it.

Thanks all, look forward to some decent banter.

Title: Re: New Member with ex-NZ Army 109 V8
Post by: Downtown on March 25, 2020, 10:10:14 PM
I see on the NZ section of the excellent info pages on this website that my vehicle is listed. Under 'notes' it states 'Auction Pic'.

I would be interested in obtaining a scan of the auction catalogue to add to the vehicle history.

The last workshop record I have was Aug 04, so it was sold by the Army after that. So it would be one of the later 2004 - 06 auctions, and the auction location was probably Linton as that was its last unit. There was definitely an auction in Linton where Land Rovers were sold in 2006.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to the source of the information on the NZ vehicle list, and anyone who might have a copy of the auction catalogue?

Kind regards,